2 Minute Trader Plus Review New Trading Product

Created by Waverley Media Ltd, 2 Minute Trader Plus is a new to market Betfair Exchange trading product that promises to provide profits for minutes in time given per day.

What is The Product

The product is a membership to a trading account that aims to teach students how to follow in the footsteps of Lee Stuart Evans, who made 2 Minute Trader, and is aimed at teaching you a risk free trading method.

We have looked at this product, and are currently in the process of testing the claims, but so far although the content is slightly basic, the product does seem to work as advertised. If you have ever used Betfair, or tried to make money using gambling websites, then you will probably already know that it is not easy.

If it were easy then of course everybody would be gambling all day and never have need for a job.

But, there are people who made considerable amounts doing just that, gambling, and taking advantage of week areas that bookmakers seem to have, and as money from gambling is tax free, then the amount of people who continue to search for such a solution, and to find such week spots never really ends, and many have spent considerable years trying to achieve what they deem impossible.

It is possible, if you follow people who already make money this way, and with the 2 Minute Trader it seems, and looks so far that something has been found that can generate long term, and regular profits without having to spend much time.


What is 2 Minute Trader + Plus, and How Does It Work?

The 2 Minute Trader comes as a membership offered by Waverley Media limited, who are a well known marketing company based in the UK who offer mainly financial products, and we have reviewed a few of their products with good results.

The Membership for 2 Minute Trader is fairly straight forward.

You are given access to the portal where you have four main components:

  • Daily Selections To Trade
  • Video Explanations
  • PDF Manual Download
  • Trading Calculator

The daily selections are sent to your smart phone, or computer by email on the evening before the racing starts the next day, these selections you are to place bets for at the mentioned bookmakers.

The videos explain how to do this, and the manual goes into greater detail on all apsects of what the system contains, and how to implement it for maximum gains.

The trading calculator is to be used to work out your profit percentages, and will aid you in placing the correct amounts for guaranteed returns.

Therefore you place the bets with bookmakers the night before the races, and then you place the opposite bets (lay bets) and sell those same bets on the Betfair Exchange the next day for a profit.

The product is claimed to have a win rate higher than 70%, meaning that 70%+ percent of the trades will make you a guaranteed profit when you come to sell the bets the next day on the Betfair exchange.

From the few selections we have looked at, and tested, the stats do seem to relate to the results, and the process is very simple to implement.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

One of the main advantages of the 2 Minute Trader System is the low entry price.

The cost to join is £34.96 per month, taken by subscription, and compared to many similar products, this does seem to represent value, especially as the results of the system so far have proved very positive during our small testing sample of the selections given.

Does the product provide value for money?

In our opinion, and again based on the limited testing we have completed, the 2 Minute Trader ‘coul’d represent value for money, although the monthly price is a little on the high side.

It is claimed by the promotors of the product that during the testing, which happened over a period of 4 months, that profits well over £4,000 were achieved, and with a starting bank of just £110.

The tested claims are that participants into the 2 Minute Trader course can make profits of between £500, and anything up to £1,000 per month, which seems reasonable, and achievable to us.

Conclusion on the 2 Minute Trader + Plus Course

We are not recommending this product just yet.

There could be an issue with banned bookmaker accounts, as the bookies usually do find out what punters are up to in the end, but we will see and update if we have anymore insight into this, based on results.





  1. jane says:

    Does it really take just 2 minutes ?? As I work during the day so don’t have that much time


    • UKD Admin says:

      Hello Jane,

      Yes, it just takes a minute or so to put the bets on in the evening, and then a minute or so to sell them on the exchanges the day after.

      From what we have seen it really does not take long, and the results have been really promising so far on our own mini testing.



  2. Brian Denny says:


    So if I am right, you are making the bets on the night time and then cashing them out the morning after?

    Sounds reasonable enough but how does it know the prices will drop?

    I am very interested in this as I have been looking for something that works for a long time now.


    • UKD Admin says:

      Hello Brian,

      Yes, that is correct.

      You will be placing the bets with the bookmakers in the evening when you receive the alerts, and then the next day when the alert advises you to, you will be selling/laying the bets on the exchanges for a profit.

      The software has in built filters that looks for certain characteristics, mainly weight of movement/money which the software picks up on which is a great indication that the price is going in a certain direction.

      It is something gamblers have been using for years manually but this software automates the process, and the formula is proven manually so automating it was always going to happen at some stage to make everything easier and less time consuming.

      But yes, simply you are buying the bets at one price, and selling them at another, and you will make a profit on the price movement as the bets will have made a profit overnight.



  3. Damien Dardis says:

    I have bought this product on your advice but my only problem is I can’t get on to the members page.They said use my e-mail as username and set a up password.It won’t let me in but then I tried there e- mail for support but messages won’t send.Can you get on to them for me.No support to set up never heard of it.Thanks Damien.

    • UKD Admin says:

      Hello Damian,

      Probably just a blip, and you should contact the vendor on the email address that came with the email receipt.



      • Damien Dardis says:

        Dear Sir,there are two e-mail addresses where you can contact them but not one of them deliver the message can you contact them and get one because it looks like I am not going to be able to get into members area.Thanks Damien.

        • UKD Admin says:

          Hello Damien,

          You may have aready done so, but if not then if you Google Waverley Media you will find the phone number and contact details of the providing company.



  4. Ian says:

    Hi, I recently signed up to try it out and the first few all worked well. However, my question is more to do with how fast will book makers limit your accounts as most of the emails suggest backing at prices when there is an arb opportunity. As we all well know, bookmakers don’t like seeing the punter getting value on anything, so it would seem that even with the types of staking plans you suggest, it wouldn’t take long for bookmakers to restrict the account a) because you stake the night before, b) you could theoretically lay on betfair immediately for an arb, even if you do actually gain more by waiting.

    thanks, Ian

    • UKD Admin says:

      Hello Ian,

      I am pleased to see you are already making profits.

      It is an industry myth regading using bookmakers the previous night and many people do it, even experienced gamblers.

      Also, regarding your concern of an arb opportunity, there is no arb opportunity at the moment the bets are made, and the bookmakers have no control over betting exchanges like Betfair, nor do they know what activity you have on there.

      This is one of the reasons to disable all cookies on your phone which they advise.



  5. Lewis says:


    Could this feasibly work by backing and laying on the exchange, subject to liquidity? I appreciate profits would be less, but it would rule out the risk of restriction/ gubbing which seems to be a common theme.

    Thank you.

    • UKD Admin says:

      Hello Lewis,

      Subject to liquidity yes it could, although it is on the low side in the evenings, which is the reasining behind using bookmakers where that problem is taken away.



  6. Maja says:

    Hi. im interesting for this system. I just need to know whic other bookie need open account for trading/buying. I know that i must have exchange Betfair for selling. Thank you

  7. mike says:


    I have tried similar service from other website, the price they mentioned will drastically change with within 10 mins (e.g if you login or receive an email around 6.30 pm with details about horse 1 to back at 4.8, after couple of minutes 6.45 or 7.30 pm if login to bookmakers website and see the odds then it will most of the time changes to lower odds (4.3) then what they mentioned in email or website.
    So my conclusion once if you received an email or message then you have to place an bet on bookmakers site with in 5mins or 10mins time to get the best odds what they advise.
    You might get the advised odds 4/10 times if you still delay.

    I hope this will help you guys.

  8. tom says:

    Hi,do you think you can get accounts closed down by bookies using this system?

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