Peter Makes £50 Per Day From Betfair, Using a 9 Year Old Method, See This.

We heard about Peter back in 2007, when he was receiving rave reviews about some information he was selling about making returns using Betfair. Peter unfortunately decided that he was going to stop promoting his methods, even though they worked.

Finally, after a few years of coaxing, we have pursued Peter to offer his methods again, which makes him on average £50+ per day, every day. Remember also, that Peter has used this information for over 9 years, so this is VERY interesting information, from a professional.

If you have never been interested in gambling, then you probably think it’s a mugs game? Sure, most people think that. But surely you also realise that in every way of generating income, that there are professionals?

Peter Makes £50 from Betfair every single day, more most of the time.

Back in 2007, there was a very interesting episode where somebody on eBay was selling a system on how to make money on Betfair. Most of the time, these systems, and methods are nothing new, and don’t work, but THIS particular seller was creating a lot of interest.

Why so much interest about this seller on eBay?

The reason for the interest in this particular seller, was due to his feedback, and the shear amount of positives he was receiving for the methods he was selling. ALL of them were positive, and most of them were stating how much money was being made by implementing the systems – these comments were from buyers!

This is quite unusual on eBay, because if a seller promotes a system for gambling, they quickly vanish after people realise that they do not work for long. Not this one.

Peter got jealousy from other sellers – due to his success.

You see, because Peter was receiving glowing feedback on his methods it began to create jealousy from other sellers, and due to all the back-stabbing received, Peter stopped selling his system. That was back in 2007. Peter has quietly continued to use his methods, that on average have generate him £15-£18,000 per year, every year tax free.

The problem was, he was keeping this to himself, because he just didn’t need the attention that his methods brought him. We heard about this at the time, and even though we asked him if we could promote his systems, Peter bluntly refused to allow his methods to be sold.

The following was sent to us by a customer, since we started offering these methods, showing their results over just 2 random, and consecutive days:

As you can obviously see, the results come thick, and fast, and there is some real money to be made.

More comments from customers using this method to excellent effect:

John Mcnally Review
kyle Review

Wayne T Review

James Midland Review

Notice: This has NOTHING to do with backing Favourites to win, so you are not betting on silly odds to make a profit, and for this reason alone, losing runs do not give any problems; as the method employs strategies that have been proven to work over considerable lengths of time

Peter has now allowed us to offer you his methods.

For a limited time, depending on how this goes, Peter has kindly asked us if we can promote some copies of his methods, to which we have obviously accepted. We have looked through the figures and statistics, and everything adds up, no doubt, but of course we will let you be the ultimate judge of this, and we would like you to read Peter’s story for yourself.

Peter has quietly been using his 9 year old methods to make money from Betfair

As mentioned earlier, in every genre of generating income, there are those that do not have a clue what they are doing, and then there are the PROFESSIONALS, who use the information for their own personal finances – it puts food on their table. These are the people you want to listen to.

If you are interested in reading Peter’s story on how he makes up to £18,000+ per year, using Betfair, then please click the following link:

Click To Read Peter’s Story on £18k a Year From Betfair



  1. Sam Peterson says:

    I have made a few quid of betfair for a while. This looks interesting so I’ll download it and update you all,with my findings later tonight. A mate of mine uses bet angel too when betting with betfair hopefully this can be used with that too.

    Be in touch,


  2. Susan Deakin says:

    Is any experience needed to start this. I have never used bet fair before?

    • Sam Peterson says:

      No experience really Susan,

      Betfair is easy to use once you have understood the basics, which again are very easy. I have just finished reading all the manual, and the method has extremely good merit. I have started testing it against previous results as I have some software that can do it, and comparing what the results would have been on the first ones I have done, it is already showing a very good profit in racing. I have not tested other sports yet, but the principles are the same, so no reason why this will not work.


  3. Shazee says:

    Do you get a dvd?

  4. Sam Peterson says:


    As they say, the proof is in the pudding.

    I have used the method on racing today with the intent of making £50 then stop.

    I used the system on the races today at Fontwell, and Lingfield, and made £76.82 after just 2 races!, after Betfair’s commissions.

    Already paid for the system, and actually when using it, I can think of many uses for this system.


    Thank you sirs! 🙂


  5. Neil Sammons says:

    Well folks. I am truly surprised. I ordered this service last night and made £127 today with it. I have tried lots of so called methods in the past only to be disappointed at the results when the theory met with the reality.
    I did what the method taught me, which was to make two sets of £25 profit, but as I had all day to test this, I carried on, and I am now £127 healthier in the betfair account.
    Shame you don’t have an affiliate program on this as I would be most interested.
    I am now looking forward to the weekend to try out the bonus system, which also looks to have a LOT of merit on itself.

    Thank you. Neil Sammons

    • Hi Neil,

      As I have just stated on another thread. When you listen and learn from somebody who has done what one is wanting to achieve. Great things can happen.

      Excellent results on your profits yesterday.



  6. Lewi says:

    Is this based on ‘in play’ and live betting? I ask because my download speeds from early afternoon are pretty rubbish. Also, is further software needed with the system? From the comments,it looks promising.


    • Hi Lewi,

      I have just asked the author, and it is a mixture of both it seems, the bonus method which has been proven over 6 years is in play.

      The main method could be used out of play. No further software required, and all calculation tools are provided.

      You should also look at getting better broadband 😉



  7. Taffy says:

    Made £55 on using this this afternoon. Seems to work well. I will try more tomorrow. Ta for email. Taffy

  8. Sam Peterson says:

    Another winning days betting for me yesterday, £92 profit made after commissions.

    I have also been doing some research on previous results, and I can easily see why these methods will have longevity.

    It is not new to me to be winning, but I have had accounts with book makers closed in the past and the real advantage with this, is that it is all based around Betfair, who do not close accounts for making too much profit.

    I was also rereading the bonus method last night, which is based around foot ball *hope I am allowed to say that* and again this looks a great system with great logic behind why it works.

    This again I have done research on previous results, and came out profitable. I cannot wait to try it this weekend.

    With both methods it means that profits can be made 7 days a week on more than one occasion.

    I am delighted so far.


  9. Lewi says:

    I’m in!

  10. joseph mcdermott says:

    can you only make the 50 pound a day or can you make more as your bank builds? so say you started with 1k would you make a 100 a day for instance? or does the market only allow you to take out around 50 pound max. it is getting some good reviews and am purchasing it when i get home.

    regards joe mc

    • Hi Joe,

      You can make higher profits per day as the bank grows. No limits really as long as the events have enough liquidity (people making bets on the event, which is usually no problem with the events the author concentrates on).



  11. Hillman says:

    Hello, I am not normally one for writing reviews, and I am skeptical as they come. I have not tried the second method yet, but will today. So far this week, I have made £224.70 with the first method that was downloaded, and I want to say it is very well thought out. The reasoning behind it all is all very valid, and although the price of the manuals nearly put me off, something told me to do it, and very pleased I am. Allready paid for the cost, and a nice profit besides, and I only purchased 4 days ago.

    Keep up the invaluable work you do here, and thanks again. Stu Hillman.

  12. sam says:

    FIRSTLY must say this is a great site!

    this sounds like a GREAT product!

    a few questions if i may…

    sales page says it takes 2 hours to make the 50 quid.
    for a newbie, what would you say it would take [time to make the 50 quid] once the product is studied?

    the only experience with betfair i have is doing the ‘matched betting’whereby you get the free bonuses from bookmakers, and YES this does work, i made just over a grand doing it a few years ago, however what most don’t tell is that its TIME consuming!

    also with a lot of punters having this info, would the system still still work?

    thanks for your response in advance.

    • Hi Sam,

      Thanks for your comments.

      Yes, bookmaker bonuses do work to make that money, and we also promote a product explaining how to make that £1000, which as you say, it definitely works, and I wouldn’t be doing my job properly if I did do a plug of that here:

      These methods discussed here are nothing to do with bonuses, the link above IS; although of course for customers who are not familiar, using the above link/method, when used in conjunction with this product would be an ideal combination in never having to use their own money – because both products work.

      Anyway, I digress. With regard to the time required to make money, you sound astute enough to know that most people equate this to making ‘easy money’,even though they will then go off and spend even more time on their day job earning just above minimum wage.

      The way these methods work, is not by spending all day for the money made. The reason 2 hours is mentioned is because it can only take that depending how results pan out. For example, the money could quite easily have been made after say 2 events, or 2 races, which quite easily could have taken just 2 hours or less, or maybe longer if the first couple of results didn’t happen as planned, which happens with any method, hence maybe longer to make the sums mentioned.

      Just like trading on Forex, you may not always win the first trades, and may need to continue, but other times, you make the daily profit needed in 30 minutes.

      The events, in both methods are worked on sports with a lot of liquidity, so no problem on cash available to make the profits, The methods do not promote profiting on spurious events.

      The Time Required

      Time is required, no doubt, but this will depend on results, but the methods work, and have been proven to work long term. In fact, since we launched the methods we have received countless testimonials already from members stating the profits they have made. The logic behind both methods is sound, and sound enough to know that certain outcomes always happen, and Betfair allows an advantage to be taken.

      In fact, as you probably know, with most methods, the main issue is not winning, but dealing with losing runs, and the method explains a great method to avoid that. In the method, there were statistics analyzed over 70+ events, and the longest run was 5, which was not anywhere near a problem, due to the information given in the methods, and the odds achieved.

      People are already making great money with this, and quickly, and once you obtain a situation, usually very quickly, where you are using other people’s money to make the gains, the there is absolutely no pressure, and all this for £50, which can easily be made back inside a day.

      Based on the feedback we have already received, from buyers, this information, in a scale of what works, could easily be sold for £1,000+, as with anything that produces such results. We appreciate most promoters sell for like 15-20 pound, but then again, this is based in proven value, and once the sum has been made back, it has not cost a penny.

      Will it work for everybody? Probably not, because not everybody will follow the rules, but it will work if followed to the letter and for people who WANT it to work, and who believe there really are genuine ways to make such money. There are ways, and this is one of them, or we would NOT be promoting it and there is also a 60 money back guarantee, providing all the tested rules are followed.

      As with anything worthwhile – Action is needed.

      As with anything, if people want to purchase the information, expect magic to happen with no action to be taken, then this is not for them, and neither is anything else, but for those willing to follow a proven formula, take their time, accept that learning something new IS required, and TAKE THE ACTIONS explained to make the gains, then is IS for them.

      Let’s face it, the world is full of cynics, actively wanting something to fail before they have even started. We do not want such people buying our products, or even reading our website. We want people who are open-minded, and who appreciate that nobody is going to magically send money to their bank accounts for no effort in return. If only, eh. That only happens in fairy tales, as you already know.

      We put time and a great deal of effort into researching what we offer to our customers, and only produce, and promote products that have been tested to work.

      Good luck


  13. Hillman says:

    I had never used betfair to make money before. had tried but never did it. But these methods are sound and make sense and I made over £200 in the 4 days I have tried it. Not been able to over the Easter break, because the better half has somehow found me loads of hidden jobs to do around the house but I cannot wait to get right back on it this week.

    Back to the grind, and to get my overals back on grrr!

  14. Hillman says:

    no more football today so do not mind the jobs now hahah. I win I think

  15. Robbin Carlile says:

    Due to the Easter break I have been reading the manuals in some detail, ready for the week ahead to see if I could make them work for me. I understand the principles and they do make sense.
    So much sense that I have just made nearly £80 on the Andy Murray tennis match at the Miami tournament. I don’t think the manual was meant for this specific situation, but the principle seemed to add up, so I had a go whilst watching on sky just then with my iPad on my knee. £80 heavier in my account, so thanks. Well pleased so far gentleman. Get in there !!!!!! It really is a great feeling when you see the winnings. Sorry, I was just so excited 🙂

  16. Craig says:

    Tempted by this, people still going strong or any drawbacks identified?

  17. Ian says:

    Hi does the method make level stake profits and what size bank is required to make the £50 per day? what is the worst drawdown that has occurred and is the method mechanical in that everyone should come up with the same selections/
    many thanks

    • Sam Peterson says:

      The bonus manual can make profits to level stakes by reading through it. The main one is about £500 it says on the page but does say you can build up to that kind of cash, but you would make less then gradually upscale to make the money. But I started with less and still made the money. The worse I have come up against is having the time to do it and make the selections, but that would be the same with anything really.


  18. Craig says:

    Anyone still doing this? Am thinking of signing up and just wanted to check it is as good as it sounds.

    • Sam Peterson says:

      It works, no doubts for me and I have been using it well over 2 weeks now once you fully understand the concept, it makes total sense why it would work. If you don’t know about the betting side, you would do good to read all the stuff on betfair. I had used betfair for a while, so understood it, but it is easy to grasp if you have never used it before. There are videos on their site and everything for novices.


      • Jas says:

        Sam I have not used the betfair website before but I am extremely interested in this offer. Can somebody who has never used this or the website before really make it work? Jas.

        • Sam Peterson says:

          Yes, I believe so. I already stated that I was familiar with Betfair, but that is because I was already making money using it. These methods I purchased from here were as an add on to my collection really, but I have been using them solely forever 2 weeks and have made great profits. Mainly because when you read the idea behind it, they really do make total sense as to why they would work, which gives you confidence in trying them. If you don’t have any experience or knowledge already in using Betfair would you still be able to do it? I am no brain surgeon let me tell you. I worked Betfair out very quickly because most of what you need to do is already on screen for you. Sure, you will need to read a bit, and watch a few vids, but if I can do it, and make a few quid doing it, anyone can 🙂


          • Ian says:

            Hi Sam, what is the worst case scenario using this method Sam and what other Betfair systems have you found that worked if I can be cheeky.Also what sports can this method be used on?
            many thanks

        • Sam Peterson says:

          Ian, The worse case situation I can see is a losing run, but there is a method to combat that by reducing the stakes to build it up quickly which does work as I have done similar before. The longest losing run I have had so far is 3 and that is in 2 weeks, but the odds are good so chasing losses has not happened but after 5 losses which has not happened in 2 weeks the manual explains how to regroup and start again with lower stakes and because the odds are good the bank builds up quick. It is a very good way of doing it. What sports? This would work with any sports I would think, but the I have tried it on racing, and works very well due to the amount of times the methodology comes into play. What other systems have I used? Not really anything bought off the shelf. I have bought loads, but found nothing quite worked so chopped everything I seen that did work and came up with something that worked but not as good as what is explained in these manuals. I think the trick is, which the writer found was to keep it really really simple, and it is. The second manual is about football, and again the logic behind it is sound it seems, and has room for even more testing which I will be doing. The odds you get are great for this one, and I have paper traded it for 2 weeks and made a profit also, but the money I have made has been from the first manual which I must have read about 8 times now hehe to see if I can extract even more angles and profits/.


  19. Martin Brown says:


    I have purchased the method and although I haven’t yet used it, I’m getting ready to do so. I am pretty inexperienced at gambling having only used the Bonus Bagging service. At the moment, my only problem is understanding the method behind it. I don’t really get it, to be honest. If anyone could clarify (perhaps offline),I’d really appreciate it! Martin

    • Sam Peterson says:

      Martin. It is simple, and the 4 page I think it is explains it. Not sure if I am allowed to place it here, but basically you are betting aganist what most think will happen, but with the strategy explained and great odds. I hope that is enough to trigger what you read. Read it again. I have read the manual loads of times now, and still finding advantages I can test over and above what is instructed.


  20. T Folkes says:

    Thanks for letting me have the opportunity to start this. I also ordered a few weeks ago but due to various events have not started the process yet for personal reasons I won’t go into.

    Reading the literature everything does add up and I am very much looking forward to putting the theory into practise this week.

    I have already ordered one of your other literature products which did work as you said it would, so I am optimistic about this.


  21. Craig says:

    Have downloaded this and read it and poised to start. May I ask those with experience, particularly Sam Peterson and Hillman, when using the main product on horse racing, do you have more success with Method 1 (in play) or Method 2 (prior to event)? Just curious whether one is more reliable than the other? Thanks.

    • Wally says:

      Swings and roundabouts I have found, in play or during.

      I am also paper trading this to be safe, but I have found I am definitely in profit, and I will give it a few more days then start the bets for real.


  22. Craig says:

    Further to my email above, have been paper trading in play on horse racing this afternoon. Lost my first four bets and so didn’t complete set 1 until the 5th bet which was a bit hairy for a first run!!!

    Hence why I am curious whether in-play or prior to race is more reliable or whether you are finding any other patterns that keep the strike rate up allowing quick and easy completion of each set?


    • Sam Peterson says:

      Craig. Excellent, you must have been following the same as me, because I also won on that fifth race, and made £112 get in there. The odds are very good so losing runs are not expecially a problem I have found. Before today the longest run I had was 3, but now I am in my third week, I could easily go ten or twelve and still be confident. I made £64 yesterday too as the second bet won and I had to go out or may have made more and I staked more as I am very confident in this now. My winnings so far are over £864 since starting with these instructions, but I have not bet every day, wish I had though hehe. I have not tried the bonus method yet but I will as it is similar to this one. Oh you asked about in play, or not in play? So far I just been using just before start of the race, and some testing on inplay. I think it all depends on the odds you can get the higher the return is obviously better. I probably have been playing it safe but after today I am going to bet higher and go for £100 a day. Like the manual says it is money I have won now that I am using so I will increase the winnings with higher staking, then up it to making £200 a day hopefully, but manual did say not to be greedy, but it it is working, I see no reason not to go higher and make money.


      • Nat says:

        Hey Sam,

        You must be betting higher stakes than me. I have only done it for 4 days since I downloaded the info, and I have made a combined £95 in profit, but that is due to building my confidence up to try higher stakes. I am betting smaller amounts. Still, I am also enjoying it 🙂

  23. Jackie says:

    I too am interested in this, it’s encouraging to see so many of you managing to actually make money with this, with the opportunity to scale up the gains as well:)

    Two questions really, the first is, and I apologise for asking this as I know it’s been covered, but will this be understandable for anyone who has never bet before, ever?

    Also, is there support from the Author of this product after purchase? It doesn’t appear so, but thought I would ask anyway.


    • Nat says:

      It is easy once you get used to it and how it works. The betfair does does most of the work for you, and there are some tools enclosed to help with all calculations. Even I could make it work hahaha. 🙂

    • Hi Jackie,

      As with anything like this, there is definitely some learning to do, but I am sure the members would agree with me in that it is more the Betfair website you have to become familiar with, then everything else will become second nature. We have received testimonials for this from people who have never used Betfair before but who still picked up what they needed quickly. The website has a full section of videos, and manuals which explain in detail, and when you consider there are millions of people using it, it has to be, and is easy to pick up, and obviously is well worth picking up.

      With regard to support from the author, we really did try hard to persuade the author to offer his methods to our members, and the last time he did so was 2007 before he suspending offering the information, as mentioned in the advertising, and as part of the negotiations were that the instruction manuals were in a very easy to understand fashion, for novices too, which has proven true, so we don’t think you will have any trouble there. The methods explained are quite straight forward and will make total sense once the suggested videos and manuals are digested.

      Even if it took you a week or so to digest and understand the basics then it an easy conclusion as to whether the effort required is worthwhile, especially when you consider people can train for years to make such a living.

      Comments on this thread don’t even tell the full story, as many people, and members are sending us emails regarding their success; they just don’t wish to be involved in a public debate about it, such is human nature. They would just rather get out there and make some gains, which is fair enough.



  24. Jackie says:

    Thank so much Nat and UKDropshop admin for your replies, it sounds VERY encouraging!

    Especially since you raise the stakes along with the Bank, £100 a day would do me VERY nicely:)

    May even do what another poster suggested, £200 a day if the system supported it.

    The fact that Betair is used erases the worry of Bookmakers restriciting Accounts as well.

    But….I have to come back down to earth and realise I have some learning to do….


    • Hi Jackie,

      Yes, there is always a little bit of learning to do with everything worthwhile, but it will be no problem.

      Good luck,



    • Craig says:

      You’ll be fine Jackie, the actual system is very simple indeed. The only real learning is for using betfair but there is a manual provided about that as part of the download for the system. Using betfair is really no more difficult than buying some clothes online 🙂

  25. Craig says:

    Good encouraging comments by all, like Sam once comfortable I’d perhaps double up the stakes to make £100 daily but stick to 2 sets a day.

    The thing I am trying to get my head around is whether for racing to do it in-play or just prior to event.

    As I see it just prior to event is simpler to do and very mechanical but will provide far fewer selections per day and less chance to recover if things don’t go to plan.

    In play is more labour intensive and you need to act quickly….I found watching the odds on betfair on my smartphone better than on the betfair website as they seemed to update more frequently though I guess this might be where something like bet-angel might help? Thus in play to me is probably less mechanical as you would probably only take the selection if the result looked reasonably close on betfair, anyone agree? So it is a bit more subjective as to whether or not you jump in and at what point?

    Sam – you seem to be leading the way and have done very well, have all your profits been from just prior to the event?

    Be good for us all to exchange views on here as we can all help each other out to wring as much out of this as safely as possible!

  26. Sal says:

    Can someone please advise me if I need to open loads of different accounts with bookies to do this?

  27. Christopher says:

    My selections have been before the races, due to not having that much time, so I do it before work in the morning. What I have found is that if I ask for better odds on betfair 19/20 they get matched so to the person asking about in play or before, as others have said, it needs testing, but I think because the selections are much higher in odds, profits will result anyway.
    I am in profit to about £300 but I must admit because I am doing this before work,
    I can only make one selection because I cannot then react to the results and make any other bets until the next day because I cannot do it in work in my job, as there is no internet, so just with one bet a day as that is all I can do, it is still working for me,

    • John McNally says:

      I use the same system as you Christopher, far less stressful. I have checked this against betting live in-play and the win ratios are exactly the same. Hope this helps.


  28. Stewart Pearson says:

    Right, here’s my take on it.

    I ordered this from an email via the website, and took a day or two to try and really understand. The writer from what I can see has made the instructions as simple as he can, but of course the proof if always in the eating. That said, I am not knew to Betfair, I have had an account for years trying various outrageous systems to try and turn a shilling or two. It just didn’t happen. After reading everything, it made total sense. The average person backing an outcome has no idea what they are doing, and they will just follow the other mug punters, and from what I have read on these methods we are using those mugs are leverage. This bit I love, as there will never be an end of mug punters to take advantage of. I didn’t bother paper trading because I could quickly see why this would work, and even backtracked a few results on before the event to see if money could be made, same as the writer of this book did, and it made consisitent money. The crux of it, is that I have made profit everyday apart from one day, and on that one day the reason I did not make a profit was because of time, I could only place one bet, and it did not return, but the next day the first race won for me. How much money have I made? £421 the first week, £628 the second week, and this week I am £472 up but it is only Wednesday. This works because the idea behind it is so obvious.

  29. sam says:

    this is turning out to look like a very good product indeed.

    can someone tell me how long are the manuals, are there 2 manuals? i do hope i haven’t got to wade through 100 plus pages!

    the other thing is about saturation – in Craig’s post hes paper trading…

    Sam Peterson is doing the same trades RE: ”Excellent, you must have been following the same as me, because I also won on that fifth race, and made £112 get in there.”

    MY Question is:

    If a lot of folks get on this will it still work?

    • Hi Sam,

      Even if you had to wade through 100 pages, surely it would still be worth it to make profits? Remember, that there is definitely learning to do, if you are not familiar with Betfair. So don’t expect to click 2 buttons 5 minutes after the downloads and £50 will be in your account. You will have to read, learn the details and act on a consistent basis to make the money.

      As with anything, you have to treat making money as a serious business.

      As it happens, the manuals are short, and to the point, both less than 20 pages, with no waffle, just the facts of the instructions.

      Saturation? It will never happen on this, because the methods teach you to avoid doing what most people do, and because most people make the same mistake, it means there will always be liquidity available (money available) for winning.



  30. Jackie says:

    I am definatly going to try this, at last, a system that makes money and makes it consistently:)

    Many thanks Graig, Nat and UKDropshop for your replies, keep posting and we can use this board to help each other out.

    One thing’s for sure, if I CAN do this, then ANYBODY can:)


  31. Craig says:

    @ Stewart Pearson – great post, you seem to be doing very well. May I ask if you are also using the prior to event method rather than the in-play method?

  32. David Cockburn says:

    I read the manual, and yes the idea works, and you can easily test it, but what you can also easily test is ways to increase winnings. I look at these manuals as just the start.

    Finally, something that actually works. Thanks guys.

  33. Karan says:

    After the 3rd race I made a profit yesterday. Absolutely fantastic. The first time I have ever won ANYTHING!!!!!Will this work overseas too? the reason I ask is I have been looking, really looking into this, and there are lots of other possibilities with overseas betting too?

  34. Hi Karan,

    Excellent and well done to you.

    Yes, the same concept will work overseas, although there is more than enough events just in the UK to focus on.



  35. Lewi says:

    Amazing or a fluke! I’ve not even got started yet, but just randomly selecting as recommended in the e book (testing the theory). Over three days and seventeen races,there were only three losing bets. I’ll be using my own money and starting small if this keeps up. Looking good.

    • Hi Lewi,

      Or it could just be that, as advertised these methods have been consistently making profits for well over 9 years, and many members and customers, have made great profits, too.

      If you read the reasoning again, behind the methods, you will see why this works so well, and the reason why members here are stating they are profiting very quickly.

      Unlike other methods out there, that just test results put through a computer to see if patterns occur, these methods are based on facts that immediately become obvious when you read it, and you understand why they work – which is important.

      Very simple methods that when used, make profits from people who do not understand what they are doing, and who follow the crowd. There is NEVER money in following the crowd, as your great results have just proved to you.

      Well done for taking action.



  36. Oneil says:


    I’ve purchased the system but was wondering wether this can be done in the evenings or on the weekends? as i finish work at 4pm.



    • Hi Oneil,

      Yes, the manuals explain which events the methods can be used on, which will then tell you when these events are on, but yes, weekends and evenings will pull up events.



  37. Oneil says:



  38. Stephen says:

    I haven’t purchased this yet but, given the positive feedback that is shown above, I probably will. Could you start with £150 or does it have to be £250 or £500? How much of the bank do you stand to lose if you have a losing run of say 5? Are you limited to certain types of races or events?

    • Hi Stephen,

      You can start with any amount of money really, and build up your betting bank. You could start with £10 if you wanted to. Due to the odds, the loses on losing runs are not the same as with other systems you may have tried.

      As on the page, over a period 70+ races, the longest losing run was 3, which is not an issue. Of course it could be longer, but due to the odds gained, and the methodology, it is not a problem.

      No limits really, because of the way the methods work.



  39. Lewi says:

    I’ve used Betfair before but never for horses. Could someone please explain what ‘to be placed’ means on a racecard? For instance, for each race today at Redcar,there are the same runners listed below each race (at smaller odds) and titled ‘to be placed’. Thanks for any help.

    • Hi Lewi,

      Usually this will mean betting for a horse to be placed (first, second, third, and sometimes fourth position in the results), depending on how many runners there are.

      It is more or less an each way bet, but not what the method is about. You may test it, as a variable of your own testing, but it is not what is being offered.

      I would advise you continue with the strategy that gained you great results in your testing phrase, when using the methods, and only deviate, and test other ideas when you have made some good profit.



      • Murray says:

        This post mentions place betting. I live in Australia and the Betfair website does not offer “place” bets. Does this rule me out of using this system?

  40. Lewi says:

    Hi Admin. Thanks for your comments,and yes I’ll be sticking to the method. I just didn’t understand the term ‘to be placed’.

  41. Hammers Fan says:

    Here’s my two penneth worth on this..

    @Lewi. Placing is each way
    @Jackie. Betfair is easy to use
    @joseph mcdermott. you can make more than £50 a day.

    My results since starting this are as follows..

    Since Tuesday 26th March, I have made 51 bets using the method 1.

    I have made bets over 17 days.

    I have lost 11 bets out of 51.

    My longest losing run was 5.

    Losing 5 happened once, and losing 4 happened 4 times.

    I am finding that the average is 2.5 bets a day to make the target profit.

    My net profit overall is £2457.74. This is after betfair’s commissions.

    That is an average profit of £144.57 per day.

    My average is £48.19 profit approximately for every bet over the course of 51 bets.

    £2457.74 divided by 51 is £48.19 profit per bet.

    Some days more some day less.

    Admittedly, I have gone for more than the £50 per day advised and the reason I did that is because I have used betfair before and knew this first method had a very good chance of succeeding by the way it works.

    My conclusion is that this is the best betfair strategy I have used in 6 and a half years using betfair. And believe me when I say that I have tested a lot over the years.

    • Ian says:

      Hi could you please tell me what bet selection method you are using please. Of all the things that bothers me it is the bet selection. Also is there an easy way to backtest the bet selection method as this would then give confidence in placing the bets.
      many thanks

      • Hammers Fan says:

        @Ian If you have the method 1 then the selection is obviously as it is the idea behind it all. I am probably not allowed to say it here, but if you have read I don’t have to, surely the selection is obvious.. it is the basis of this whole thing..

    • Milner says:

      hi guys i have been using this as a mixture of in play and before play, still working out the best router, but all good so far. I will have more time over Xmas to really give this a boost, and the time it deserves.

  42. Craig says:

    Excellent post Hammers Fan, great results too.

    I’m assuming as you are using method 1 you are betting in play rather than prior to event, any particular reason for choosing in play rather than prior to event?

    Which sports have you had these great results from?

    I’ve been doing racing prior to event but your results seem more consistent so I’m keen to know which sports you have used.

    If betting in play do you use bet angel or just jump straught in via betfair?

  43. Jackie says:

    Hammers Fan,

    Wow, thank you so much! As it happens, I am putting in money today fo this:)

    One question, Hammers Fan, what level of Betting Bank did you use?

    Is the download a PDF or WinZip?

    Many thanks for all your help,


  44. Hammers Fan says:

    @Ian I would suggest paper test going forward not backward, this will give confidence. I never did this as I use Betfair a lot and could see it immediately.

    @Craig Yes method 1 and all on racing so far, but can see it working in other sports too as the idea behind why it works should be the same. 80% prior to racing but I have an idea of what the best odds are based on previous experience. In play, I just stay in betfair, but testing more in play to see if conversions can be made higher.

    @ Jackie I aimed to win £100 a day at first because I had a good inkling it would work, and now go for between £150-£200 a day. I must stress though that until you have done any type of betting like this before start off slower than I do then build it all up. Somebody else mentioned it on here that once you are using Betfair’s customers money instead of your own you will have no anxiety and will take a clearer head with no worries into it all.

    zip file I think it was..

    Just remember everyone that as with betting, trading or anything else where making a few quid is concerned, don’t rush it. The websites will still be there is a month or a year’s time. Learn it, and you can make some good money at this.

    Okey Dokey, the racing day is lucky..

  45. Jackie says:

    Hi Hammers Fan,

    Yes I think using a small Bank and building it up is a good idea, I have the full £500 for the £50 a day but after your advice I will halve this and use £250 and build it, it won’t take along.

    You’ve been a godsend:)

    Take care,


  46. Sam Peterson says:

    Another easy day’s profit today. 3rd qualifying selection was: 3.50 Southwell £74 made. For all of you who have the methods you will see this as well, well you should have won this one if you picked it. 1 hour 40 mins from first race, all done and dusted and money made 🙂


  47. TJ says:

    Seems simple enough, ordered it last night and will be trying it today. TJ

  48. Craig says:

    @Hammers Fan – your posts have been really useful, thank you. Just a quickie…you mentioned you had lost just 11 bets out of 51, is this right? As you also mentioned you had lost 5 in a row once and 4 in a row 4 times which would be 21? I’m confused lol!

    • Hammers Fan says:

      @Craig Yes that is live betting with real cash. I have also been testing many variables because I see more options that can be added to these methods, so I have been paper testing variables and added them to the 4 x 4 losses. No wonder you are confused. I should have left that bit out, because I went *off* method when doing that 🙂 ..Something new that I have been testing is being a little more loose in my selections so the odds do not need to be as tight as the method explains and although going *off* method lead me to longer losing runs 4 x 4 is still sustainable and profitable. It is all interesting when you are in the thick of the race or whatever because you really do see other things you could add..

  49. Craig says:

    Just looking to sharpen up the tactics so interested what other people are doing in the following situation:

    Wednesday: Set1 first bet is a loss for me, no other selections

    Thursday: Carry over the uncompleted set1 from previous day and complete that set and then complete another set successfully.

    Are people stopping there as they have had 2 winning bets on the same day or are people making a third bet as the 1st bet was just finishing off from the previous day?

    • Hammers Fan says:

      @Craig. I would stop for the day once you have those wins. But you don’t have to. I dont always depending on what I am doing..As staticially the methods should work even if there were 100 races in a day..the reason most people stop is it can get a bit exhausting when you are constantly seeking out to make money on live events..sure you know what I mean..sure it is a great buzz but it is exhausting..

  50. TJ says:

    Made a few quid with this yesterday. All good. TJ

    • Hi AJ,

      Well done,

      We have a screenshot of a members profits sent to us yesterday, which show fantastic results in a real life situation. We will be showing it on the website this week (with the members permission), to show just how much opportunity there is with this.



  51. Karan says:

    For the last 2 days the first races of the day won the money. Which was great. If I had carried on I would have won even more, so I am considering not stopping after 2 wins, and carrying on. Does anybody else do that here? As even more money could be made that way? Karan.

    • New one into the fold says:

      Hello karan I have not traded live with this yet and wanted to test it first but I also got the first two wins on those same days even though I did not use real money as was still testing, which is great and not so great.

      The reason it is great is it means I am following it correctly and it would have made me money.

      The reason it is not so great is because I didn’t have any money on those same wins 🙁

      I will next time though 🙂

  52. Craig says:

    Been doing very well with this lately but just hit 5 losing bets on the trot so here’s hoping the next bet turns it around! 🙂

  53. Mark McNamara says:

    Hello everyone.
    I am very interested in this product as there is some really good reviews based on the products performance.
    I have one question and that is that betfair have what is called a closed loop policy which means, or what I am led to the understanding is that if I deposit £10 into my betfair account and I for example place a back bet of £10 horse at 100-1 and the horse wins then according to betfairs policy I am only entitled to withdraw the original £10 that I deposited thus not being able to withdraw my winnings of £1000.
    Maybe I am missing something here as I am new to this but as I see it, then if I for example deposit £50 and through that I win £10 per day for the next 100 days my balance would be £1050 then I can only withdraw £50 and no more. If that is the case then it seems preety pointless to use betfair but like I say I may be missing something so please accept my apologies in advance.


    • Hi Mark,

      That is not the case. The closed loop policy is to protect Betfair against fraud, and money laundering, see here:

      Click here to read Betfair’ explanation

      The ‘loop’ is to restrict depositing with one source, say PayPal, and withdrawing winnings to another totally unrelated account, other than the relationship being your name. That is money laundering, and would be totally open to abuse, which no respectable company will tolerate.

      What is won is what you win, and of course, as with any establishment, even PayPal, they have to ensure that no money laundering is taking place.

      There are well documented cases of people making over £250,000 per year on Betfair. If there were so many restrictions, nobody would use their service, when in fact 3 million people use their services.

      But yes, they need to ensure that you are using their services legally, and providing you do so, the winnings you make, you own, just like the money you earn in a PayPal account is yours.



  54. Mark McNamara says:

    Thank you for your reply admin.
    The reason I am asking is that I deposited £10 into my betfair account and over the course of 3 days trying out a system I won an amount of money and I can not withdraw my winnings from my betfair account to my bank account save my original £10 what I deposited.


    • Hi Mark,

      Probably because you didn’t deposit with your bank account, and used PayPal or a credit card to deposit, and now you are trying to withdraw to a difference source. Probably best to contact Betfair to find the best way around this for future winnings.

      And well done on making the winnings with the methods. Great to hear.



  55. Mark McNamara says:

    Thank you very much admin.
    You are correct and their computer systems will see this as money laundering or something like that.
    Anyway I have been looking at all the positive replies regarding this betfair method and am very confident to take the plunge and purchase this so just have to convince my better half which I will.

    Thank you again.


  56. Hi Everyone,

    We mentioned a few days ago, that one of our members provided us with a spreadsheet from 2 of his days betting last week, and the member gave his agreement for us to show his results, although he did ask us that we try not to over emphasis that people should be betting all day, and doing as the method suggests and stopping after 2 winners, but we just wanted to show you what could have been possible over these two random days.

    Here is the customers email (identifying information obviously removed) to us stating that he only made token bets as he was testing the system, although he still made 100 Euros during his testing with low amounts (Customer is non-UK):

    Betfair Method Results From Spreadsheet


    As you can see, the method provides a LOT of winners, and one thing we will say about the method, is it has NOTHING to do with backing favourites to win, meaning the odds are far better than that, and losing runs are never a problem; but as you can see, the winners come thick and fast, and regular.

    • Hammers Fan says:

      @admin yep that is pretty much what happens most days for me. The only difference I make to my betting is that I vary the in play and before play more than your customer has shown there but results are usually similar to that..

      Righteee..another day..another dollar..

    • STC says:

      they are very good results i have just ordered it and the idea is definitely something i have not seen before and can quickly see why it gives them good results

  57. Lewi says:

    Hammers fan! Do you find the larger the field the better in your results? I’m also thinking that results might be even better in bad weather/winter? Just a thought.


  58. Chat Noir says:

    HI there this all seems very interesting and the results very positive. But before I go ahead and buy I’d really like to check does anyone know if this is anything like the v-system? Doing fine on that system but always looking for new ways to increase profit, however I obviously don’t want to pay for something that’s the same as or very similar to, something I already have paid for!
    Any help appreciated, many thanks.

    • Hi Chat Noir,

      This is nothing like The V System. The V System is watching for movements on odds, using software. These methods are basically a lot simpler and based on a formula that can be picked up in seconds.



  59. Jimmy (JImbo) says:

    The first week I purchased this was a few weeks ago and I have read all the great comments about it working on racing and based on all the above it is very successful. But nobody has mentioned the other sports outlined in the books. Assuming I am allowed to say this, I wondered for the last 2 weeks why nobody mentioned other sports. So during the snooker world championships in Sheffield which started last Saturday I have been using the formula on the matches, and the results have been FANTASTIC. If fellow buyers of this have not tested it on snooker then just take a look at the results since the snooker in Sheffield started last Saturday and you will see that almost every result has gone the way that the book advises!!!! I just wanted to point it out because nobody here has mentioned other sports apart from it working on racing. I have made profits in my betting account of over £370 this week on snooker. I aim to try racing next week after reading your positive comments. I had to pay about 5% commission to Betfair on my winnings but I’m not bothered about that.

    Cheers JIm

  60. Craig says:

    Great results Jim….not tried the snooker yet. Have you been doing it prior to the event or in play?

    • Jimmy (JImbo) says:

      Hiya, bit of both really as you get sessions and a few intervals in snooker. I love snooker and watch it all the time, and kinda knew results surprise all the time. (Removed by admin as to not potentially show methodology behind this, that many members have paid for) was the first match last week and that is the only one I really didn’t expect him to lose, so didn’t bet on that. But there have been some really surprising results this week and it had been great for this when using the book info selections. I checked through a few other years too and other tournaments and similar happened, but this week, my oh my has it been bang on!!!!! Check results you will see the surprises yourself and that this would have meant money made.

      Cheers JIm

  61. Karan says:

    Admin I have just noticed that on the image you shown above you are showing 15 winners??? But in fact, one of the wins is in black so that means you should be showing 16 winners, and not 15. Karan.

    • Hi Karan,

      Your right. Not sure how I missed that. That means the profits would have been even higher, £800 in 2 days instead of £750, if going for £50 a race.

      Although I must point out, that the owner of the spreadsheet who gave us the results wanted to stress that he didn’t ask that people bet all day, just to point out what was possible if you did.

      Thanks for letting me know,



      (image changed to fix mistake)

  62. Jimmy (JImbo) says:

    Hiya, yet another GREAT result on the snooker this afternoon. And I have not even started on racing YET where all you lot are making more money. Well impressed with it all.

    Cheers Jim

  63. Cabbie says:

    I am not following this word for word, because I do know what I am doing on Betfair, used it for ages, this works yes, but there are so many variations you could try with the same ideas, that profits are good. Not sure why I didn’t think if it before.

    Great website by the way. Nice to see people helping for once.

  64. Jackie says:

    Wow, so many great results, it’s exciting to read:)

    I haven’t been able to concentrate on this one yet, had a leak last week coming from the upstairs flat so subsequently had to take out all the clothes from the communal cupboard, wash and dry them, store them and wait for new furniture to move them too:(

    I just wish to ask if you have to know anything about the performance history of the Horses, or the snooker players and so on? I hope not as I don’t really follow Sport.

    Keep us all updated those lucky people that are able to crack on with this..



    • Hi Jackie,

      You don’t especially need to know anything about previous results, etc. although of course some research never does any harm, which could enhance your confidence and results, when trying to personalise what works best for you.



  65. Chat Noir says:

    Had a very successful first weekend with this! 🙂 Has anyone had any luck using the American horse racing markets? I know there’s a lot less liquidity but if I’m looking at only placing £25 lay bets surely this market can handle that??? Many thanks

    • Ben Oliver says:


      I have just ordered this, do you have any tips, before I read it, and how well did you do? Not being nosey, just interested in how you are doing? 🙂

  66. Chat Noir says:

    hi there , its a great way to take advantage of betfair, and good prices. its not for the faint hearted, as you do have to be prepared to take a few losses in between the wins………. but these all add up in the end 🙂 a great system . my tip would be to read it again and again , make sure you fully know what to do and then trust in the system. i havnt lost yet at the end of a day £££££££

    • Cabbie says:

      Ah there are always losses with any system. The trick is to know what you are doing, and most people don’t which is why good methods are worth their weight in gold when proven over time. I have read this a few times now and although I am going to use my own twist on it, I can see and know exactly what it works so well.

      Listen, lads and ladies most punters are idiots, so doing the opposite of what they do is always good advice. These methods teach to do exactly that, which is good, as it works well. I also know a good amount of people who do Betfair and make the most of their living doing so, as we all frequent a certain forum to discuss our ideas and systems, and what this method advertised here describes is not brand new, but the way it is explained is very good.

      When I bought it I shown a few of my Betfair pals and we all nodded in agreement as to the merits. We use similar as I say just with a twist, but even if you don’t know what you are doing this teaches it to you easy. The good thing about this type if method is the wins and bank builds up quickly so that when you get some losses you are still in profit. All good.:-)

  67. Chat Noir says:

    So has anyone tried the system on the American nags? 🙂

  68. Jackie says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Bearing in mind what Elizabeth Gee Gee said about havin knowledge of Horses, and Dropshop Admin also told me about doing research; may I ask if this is doable if you don’t follow Sport?

    I would be willing to do research but wouldn’t know where to start. I expect it must have an underlying principle as people are using this on loads of differing sports it appears, some of these fields would be new to the users.

    Not sure if I have made myself clear, but hoping for some reassurance now….


  69. Hammers Fan says:

    @jackie you do not need any knowledge of sports. You just need to apply common sense and follow instructions based on what you read on a screen..if you can do that, you can easily make money with this..I think what admin was saying was that it would help you to learn at least something in line with what you are saying..just like you should learn at least something about anything you do in life..

    This works, and I won’t keep posting my results, but what I will say is that if you didn’t follow through then you would be losing a valueable resource of making great profits without working on a building site breaking your back.. I have done tha so know..

  70. Jackie says:

    Hi Hammers Fan,

    Yes I think I understand what you are saying, to become familiar with certain sports along the way while hopefully making profits.

    I intend to try this though, as it’s abundantly clear it’s a money maker. Appears to keep wolves from the door in these hard times.

    Many thanks Hammers Fan for all your help, it’s appreciated:)


  71. Elizabeth gee gee says:

    This is most certainly doable Jackie, & well worth the effort.I was
    just very comfortable (& a little lazy!) in an arena I know.
    Go to the Racing Post online, The Betting Site. That is a site full
    of racing info. & although you do not need most of whats there it will certainly give you some idea of what this is all about. I use
    this site every day about noon to select a shortlist of possible
    races for the day ahead. It makes planning my day much easier
    Very best of luck

  72. Jackie says:

    Hi Elizabeth Gee Gee,

    Thank you so much for this advice, I now have somewhere to have a look and to learn:)

    A simple formula for making cash, this is a bettors dream, who would have thought it?

    I appreciate the encouragement Elizabeth, thank you:)


  73. Penfold says:

    I have been trying to find a betting system for years with no luck. I have tried them all out there and nothing worked. For the last three weeks I have been studying and paper trading this system and the latter end of last week and the first two days of this week I have been live betting on Betfair using what I have tested, and learned.

    Conclusion. This system works. Not only does it work, but it is probably as close to no risk as you will ever find. The problem you will find with betting systems is what you do when you get some losses, and losses WILL occur with any system. But after studying this system over the last 3 weeks is that not only do you make great profits during the wins which come often, but the losing runs are not really an issue because of the selections the system makes you choose.

    Almost groundbreaking, and why nobody else has thought of this is silly, because this is so simple, the selection process is so simple and obvious that it beggars belief why nobody had thought of it before. I tapped my head when I read it and tested it.

    Would I recommend this system? I would recommend it to anyone. I am currently trying to make £20 a day, and have done this with consummate ease so far, even with a few losses it does not matter, as the wins come quickly. After a month I will then upscale my betting to the £50 a day, once I have built my betting bank up sufficiently.

    • rob w says:

      Hi penfold what did you mean on your blog when you stated *but the losing runs are not really an issue because of the selections the system makes you choose* i have purchased the paperwork and understand it thoroughly but couldnt understand your comment about the losing run.


      • Penfold says:

        No problem Rob. What I meant was that on most systems I have tried and failed at in the past there were a lot of losing runs, and then you are waiting for the next winner to come along down the line that will recoup your losses and most of the time even when that win came it didn’t make much difference before another losing run started then it was all downhill from there.

        A lot of systems too focus on winning favs so even though they do win more than lose the odds are crap so any kind of losing run kills it because they are all odds on favs.

        So what I meant was winners on this system come quickly, and even when there is a couple losses you are fairly confident a good win is in the next race or two and at decent odds. Over the last three weeks I have definitely tested this system thoroughly and the amount of winning bets it gives is very nice and comforting and they are not at odds on which makes it even more genuine.

        Someting i am not proud off, is back in around 2001 I stupidly paid £700 for a system I read about in the old exchange and mart magazine. This geezer was selling his system saying that he had this amazing system that had provided 97% winners over years of evidence. I don’t mind saying that I was already in debt to the tune of about £2500 on a Visa card through gambling, and maybe I should have known better.

        This advert in the exchange and mart just kept telling me to buy the bloody thing. I even phoned the guy up and asked how genuine it was because I really needed the damn thing to work due to my debts. The geezer just kept saying about this 97% of winners and he was adamant that s what his system would provide.

        I am sure you know what I am going to say next. I ordered this system and readmitmfrom cover t cover which didn’t take me long because it was about 2 pages in length.

        The system did provide about 97% of winners, sure it did. But because I was already in debt I had to be sure it would work. So of course I paper traded it using the teletext on channel 4 racing results every day and it did provide the winners.

        The problem I soon found, was that even though it provided winners aplenty, the criteria was something like every selection had to be crazily odds on, and by that I mean not just less than even, but 2/5, and less, and not only that but the field had to have less than 6 runners and some other interestingly weird and stupidly rigid process of elimination.

        This was like a hammer to my heart and credit card because I then knew that even though the winners did happen, any losing run even 2 losses on the trot could mean me having to bet hundreds, and sometimes thousands just to try and recoup my losses.

        I was so annoyed at myself for being duped like that, but the geezer didn’t tell any lies. His system did provide that many winners like he said on the phone.

        How bloody stupid was I??????

        Now I don’t touch anything to do with favs winning, and this is what struck me first with this system. It went against everything I had tried to make work in the past.

        I’ll give you an example. In the second week using this system I had a losing run of seven, and on most systems that would have killed it, but then this was followed by 4 straight winning bets, then a loss, then three more wins, two losses, one win, four losses, three wins. The results are almost predictable, and because they are not odds on, it means you are comfortable knowing it makes reasonable sense as to why the winning bets will come.

        I have tried them all. I have a list and folder on my computer with them all, the systems I have tried, and loads of paper systems i have bought down the years and this is a lot less,complicated, and far more profititable long term. My juices are going again!!

        Sorry if I bored you but I have put a lot of effort and analysis into this method since I got it,,and for the first time in nearly 20 years of trying to make the bookie suffer, I can see a profit and sorry to this website for the language but it feels bloody great!!!!!

  74. Chat Noir says:

    Penfold thank you for your post, it’s so good to hear the experiences of ‘real’ people and real traders. I had a losing run of 5 the other day and it shook me up to the point where I haven’t had the confidence to place the bet I need to recover it all. In your experience, especially on paper, do you think I should bite the bullet and carry on (my betfair account can handle it) or should I recoup slowly? Also very interested to know if you trade the horses in play and if so do you have your own selection method or just as Peter explains? Thanks again 🙂

    • Penfold says:

      A losing run of 5 happens all the time, and the problem is that you stopped. Your problem is that the next 4 or 5 results could have been winners which has been my experience so don’t stop unless your bank is below 50% which the system says.

      If your bank gets below 50% then start again but going for £15 which the system says and it will build up quickly.

      My experience on this is that the averages are definitely in your favour so if you stop after the 5 losses then you are leaving wins on the table.

      This will mean that because you stopped you will then have to restart at a totaly unknown sequence of wins or losses.

      My advice would be to follow the system as it is written because that is exactly what I have been doing,, and I am easily making £20 a day without any pressure, and by starting going for lower amounts and building up a good betting bank when the losses do come and they come with any betting system you are confident that the money you are using are profits.

      Only stop and restart when your betting bak gets less than 50%. In 3 weeks since I started paper betting and live betting this has nowhere near happened, and now that I have made profits I cannot see it happening again.

      It is also possible that you did not follow correctly so maybe read it all again would be my advice and go for £20 a day to start with.

      I was thinking about all this stuff this morning and if you compare it to say an interest account where banks are paying diddly squat 0.01% interest and stuff, then by using compounding on a system that works like this,, it becomes apparent quickly that once you get going with this the compounding of profits can be quite substantial.

      I started with a £250 bank, and have been going for just £20 a day for real live betting for about 10 days, and my bank now is at nearly £485.

      That is amost 100% return. Or if that was in a bank that would be the same as getting 100% interest rates in less than 2 weeks!!

      When my bank hits £500 I will be going for £40 a day using the same as I have been doing. Then when it gets to £750 I will be going £60 a day. Then when it gets to £1000 I will be going for £80 a day.

      When my bank does get to £1000 that is a 300% profit, or 300% interest paid on my investment!!!

      When my bank gets to £1250 I will then start going for £100 a day, which will then mean I have made 400% on my starting bank of just £250.

      I was working everything out this morning after reading your question and this is what I got,,

      Starting with a £250 pot and going for just £20 a day for 12 days,,

      It will take

      another 12 days to get to making £40 a day
      another 12 days to get to making £60 a day
      another 12 days to get to making £80 a day
      another 12 days to get to making £100 a day

      overall that is 60 days, and at the end you have a betting bank of,,

      starting with betting bank of £250, after 12 days you bank is £490, after another 12 days you bank is, £970, after another 12 days your bank is £1690, after another 12 days your bank is £2650, after another 12 days your bank is £3850.

      That is 60 days, 2 months starting with making £20 a day. So after 2 months you will have a bank of £3850 and a profit of £3600!!!

      That is a return of 1450% on your money after 60 days!!!

    • John McNally says:

      I have done the same. Two losing runs of 5 where I took the loss instead of making a sixth bet. On both occasions the sixth bet won, so next time I had a losing run of 5 I made the 6th bet and sure enough it won. My advice is to bet with very low stakes which gets rid of the fear of long losing runs.


  75. Rob w says:

    Thanks penfold for your post. great post and very informative. full of ups and downs and abit like the wave ive been on over the years.
    i also like chat noir above would like to know are you inplay on horses like peter advises or are you pre race?


  76. Penfold says:

    If I can get the right odds prerace even if a little over what the system advises, I paper traded it and got decent results, but most of the time I have found so far that the odds mostly happen in bet which is ok too.

    I am probably boring everyone here with my long posts, and my wife just looked over my shoulder whilst I was typing my last reply above and shook her head, but just going back to what I said on my last post,,

    If after 60 days and you have made £3600 profit, you would then think you would increase it to go for £120 a day for 12 days, then £140 a day for another 12 days, then et etc etc and keep going.

    That could happen and nothing wrong with that, but it struck me that even if there was not enough liquidity in the markets after you are then going for higher profits, which is unlikely, but lets just say what if,,

    If there was not, then even if you banked the £3600 profit after the first 60 days, and started again from a £250 bank and started going for £20 a day, and followed the sequence I wrote before, then after another 60 days you will have banked another £3600 profit,,

    By itself dividing that by 2 is £1800 a month or £21,600 a year profit, and all starting by just going for £20 a day and using profits to increase!!!

    You can probably tell after years of failing, my mind is overdrive on this after making money for first time, but this is all very possible and is what is working for me now.

  77. Chat Noir says:

    Thanks Penfold, I’m enjoying your long posts, my mind works similarly which is why I think I got spooked after the losing run as I have a very healthy betfair account (healthier than my bank account currently 😉 ) and even though there is more than enough in there to keep going, having had my fingers burnt in the past, my mind quickly turns to how quickly the losses can build up and eat away at my ‘credit’. I’m home for the afternoon now as have a half day at work so fingers crossed I’ll be back on later saying all is well. Just to clarify, given the fact there is plenty in my account, should I regroup and start lower or keep plodding on and wait for ‘the one’?

    • Penfold says:

      Hehe, somebody who enjoys me talking too much 🙂

      No I would advise you to regroup and start again, because you need to know what the sequence is that you are in, and now you have stopped, it best to start again.

      what I was getting at earlier was that all successful ways of generating revenue have losses, but it is the overall profit you are looking for.

      What I didn’t tell you earlier was that I also have stocks and share, and know a fair bit about trading, but if you look at stocks and shares, even they have losing periods but overall providing you have spread your risk the chances are that you will gain.

      I don’t think this is any different. And it should be looked at over a month, then 2 months, then 3 etc. etc.

      That way even if you have a losing run of 5 three times in a week, and then regroup, the chances are that after the month has ended the averages are definitely in your favour and you will have made a profit, without really any risk.

      When you get to the stage that you are betting with their money, betfair’s customers money, you are on the right road, but if you stop and start you don’t know where the sequence of wins or losses is at, so always best to start again and then stay in the game.

      It needs a serious interest this, as with anything I would think, and from somebody who has never won with gambling, and has now started making money for the first time with this system, I can tell you that I have never been more serious about anything.

      I have started doing some spreadsheets on possible outcomes, even with a few losing runs thrown in that have not happened yet but could, and it is all looking rosey,, but based over a month and then two months and so on.

      When I think about it, I have already won £285 in ten days by being ultra cautious and going for £20 a day, so if I wanted to be unltra ultra cautious again, I could now just take my own £250 bank that I started, and just now bet with the betfair’s £285 that I won, and I would then never again bet with my own money, but just the winnings.

      I think I going to keep going though, as I know this works now, but just thinking that it would be an option.

      Start going for less, then build it all up, that is the best way, and stay in the game so you have the averages working in your favour, and take it serious.

      • Chat Noir says:

        Thanks for the advice, eased myself back in this arvo with £10 bets and was £40 up before dinner 🙂

  78. Penfold says:

    I also gave you a thanking star for liking me talking too much hehe

  79. Chat Noir says:

    This is great stuff thanks for your thoughts and opinions. There are so many other things I would love to discuss and compare with you (I do a lot of other forms of betfair trading) but feel this is not the best forum for discussion. I guess one last question that hopefully won’t give too much away for those who aren’t “in the know” is do you use bet angel to place your lays on your in play horse? And if so do you use the ladder mode or the manual bet page? Thanks again really nice to know there’s someone as geeky as me about the numbers 😉

    • Penfold says:

      Now betangel is something I have dabbled with, mainly because everything is right there on the screen for you, and it gives you the chance to react quickly and live.

      No I have not used it for this, yet, but I may look into it further now that I am ahead of the game. Anything that can increase profits has to be good. Think I’ll have a gander at it again tonight actually. It is a great piece of software, and I remember the ladders well. In play that would be great to use, wouldn’t it.

      But I have been focusing mainly on making this work, and it has put a spring back in my step. And now it is making money a few toys and pieces of software won’t go a miss will they 🙂

      Geeky about numbers, oh yeah, I am always crunching spreadsheets.

      • Ben Scott says:

        Hi Penfold,

        I’ve read your comments on this review and they’ve been very helpful, so thanks for that.

        I am curious to see how you are getting on 2 years down the line with this system? You sounded very committed when you wrote this so I am keen to see how much money you’ve earned and how many losses you’ve encountered over the last 2 years.

        Thanks in advance

        Best Regards


  80. Scotty says:

    Great posts Penfold there. I bet you give your wife a right ear ache.
    Seriously though, great stuff and you are right about everything being long term.
    I am using this too and although I used the bonus system for a few weeks and made a few quid with that, for the last 2 weeks I have been using this and have also made some good money.

    It does work, you are right, and your posts are great.
    Keep it up fella, and how refreshing to see somethign do at it says on the tin.

  81. Rob w says:

    great posts you penfold and chat noir. refering to chat noir i would have a set of rules and stick to them, likes of how many you keep going to 5-6-7 then start from the begining if once reached or even maybe an amount target for instance. for the purpose of curiosity how much do you have to lay on your 6th selection to dertimine whether to go for it or start at the beginning again. OVERALL STICK TO A SET OF RULES AND THAT WAY YOU WILL ALWAYS STAY IN THE GAME LONG TERM, ALL ABOUT MANAGING YOUR LOSSES. THE WINS WILL ALWAYS BE ROUND THE CORNER.

  82. Rob w says:


  83. Tracey Young says:

    I am REALLY tempted to start this, and after reading all your wonderful comments, and advice I think I will. I have not used Betfair before, and have only betted on the Grand National before, so I am familiar with odds on betting.My questions are, does this work to make money for someone new, and do I need any experience at all?

    Great information so far everyone, especially the bits and posts about starting small, that is what I wanted to hear. This website has already saved me some money as I came here after doing some research about somebody else.

    Thank you everyone.

    • John McNally says:

      Yes it does work for newbies. I have never bet on the horses before, not even the Grand National as I didn’t want to gamble. This system is more like trading and it has worked for me over the past 10 weeks. The secret as you rightly point out is to bet with very small stakes so you can prove to yourself that the system works.


  84. Jackie says:


    Are you an AngelMouse fan:)

    Keep talking:) Your posts are helping me, and you think similar to me, although I am a complete newbie to Betting.

    I would imagine that £300 and up per day is very possible, because of the number of sports this could be used on.

    As was mentioned by Admin a while back, there are indeed Betfairers who ‘earn’ £250,000 per year, even more for some of them.

    Thank you Penfold,


    • Penfold says:

      Angelmouse 🙂

      No problem Jackie. Please to help. I am right on target so far, and spreadsheets aplenty, I am loving it. The missus wants me to do a bit of gardening today though, which will mean I won’t be getting green ojn my laptop unfortunately.

  85. Hi Everyone,

    Great discussion here, and a very interesting read indeed for new members and old.

    Penfold, some of your comments about staring with the venue’s own money IE: The money you have won, made us think about one of our other products.

    Without sounding like we are plugging another product here, if you really wanted to start these methods without using your own money, then you may wish to consider using our Bonus Scooper in conjunction with these methods.

    The Bonus Scooper will show you how to gain approximately £1,000 using bookmaker bonuses, and has been used by thousands of our members to great effect. In fact we still receive testimonials about it on a daily basis.

    Bonus Scooper also works in conjunction with the Betfair platform, and will also help newcomers to these methods understand Betfair more, as well as making some very easy money when accumulating the bonuses on offer.

    More details on Bonus Scooper can be found here:

    By taking the attractive bonuses, and following the strategies outlined in the manual, you would then be using these methods without using your own money.

    I hope this helps, and enjoy the rest of your day.



  86. Craig says:

    Great posts Penfold. I’ve been concentrating on pre-race whereas you have done both pre-race and inplay. From your experience which has produced the most consistent profits and what ratio of pre-race to inplay have you done? Thanks.

  87. Jackie says:

    Dropshop Admin,

    That’s EXACTLY what I intend to do:) Use the Bonus Scooper first, perfect:)

    The Postcard Cash will come in a couple of Months as well.


  88. Mark McNamara says:

    I am going to give this betfair system a go as I have had no luck with other betfair systems and I must say a big thank you to all who have posted here as that has gave me the incentive to take the plunge.
    One thing I must say is that the bonus scooping what admin is referring to does work, and it is literally a risk free way of making money. I found it to be a little technical at first for someone who does not know what they are doing but after doing it a couple of times one can see how easy it all is, so on that particular method I can personally recommend it.


  89. Potter says:

    I have used the bonus scooper aka bonusbagging to good effect, and made just over £700 from bookmaker bonuses. it is pee easy to get the bonuses. Loads of people I know online have done it. This too is very very interesting. I am just about to order these methods so hang onto your bootstraps Betfair I am going to start very soon 🙂 🙂

    Bye for now.

  90. Carl Fox says:

    Bought it, downloaded, read and understood. Looks good 😉

  91. Roy says:

    This works for me on UK racing. A few peeps on here have asked about racing overseas.

    Will it work overseas too ????

    • Sam Peterson says:

      I am currently looking at racing in other countries. I just have to find the timescales to fit in with the times I can give at home. There is no real reason it cannot work, the idea would work the same I would think, and if there is enough money in the market, then it is worth trying.

      I did notice that the other manual on football mentions football in other countries, so it is not out of the question. Worth trying. I’ll try it, and expect it should work the same.


  92. Tracey Young says:

    I cannot seem to be able to read the pdf documents, is this because I have a Mac?

    Can anybody help?


    • Cabbie says:

      You can definitely read pdf docs of a mac. I use an ipad and have no problem reading them.

    • Hi Tracey,

      I Macs can read PDF documents, but you have to be in read mode. Adobe also have software specifically for people who use apple Macs.

      If you go to Google and type in “Adobe For Macs” you will see the link,



  93. Presto says:

    Hi, I was wondering about BONUS SCOOPER. Is it the same as BONUS BAGGING as ive already made some money with that?

    • Hi Presto,

      Same principle, yes. And as you can see it works.



      • Chat Noir says:

        Regarding the bonus bagging/scooping, I hope its ok to ask this, but is it a method of using online bookmaker sign up bonuses? I want to know purely as I want to do the bonus bagger but have already done Matt Fyles’ Coffee break system and if they’re the same thing then I have already exhausted those avenues 😉

        • Hi Chat Noir,

          Yes, it is the same, and as you say it works.

          The only reason I mentioned it here, was to introduce people to a way of starting these £50 a day methods without using their own money.



          • Chat Noir says:

            Thanks admin. Yes it definitely works, highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t tried it yet. Shame though as I was excited to try it but as I say I’ve already exhausted those avenues hehe.

  94. Presto says:

    Hi again. Sorry to be a bother, but if you use the same bookies for the bonus scooper as bonus bagging, i wouldnt be able to make money again with them, would I?

    • Hi Presto,

      Interesting question, and as you already know bonus bagging works, there is another way to make the bonuses again, but you would need to maybe ask a friend or family member that you trust, and show them what you made first time, and maybe ask if they would be prepared to allow you to use their details and card to make the money all over again, maybe for a slice of the profits.



  95. Jackie says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Yes, it makes SUCH a change to read about something that works, rather than the first flurry of enthusiasm quickly disappear as folk realise the unworkable truth; a false dawn indeed!

    I’m sure we have all been there….


    • Frankly says:

      I have to agree with that Jackie. Such a change that something works as it says with this, instead of putting it down to yet another experience.

      • Jackie says:

        Yes Frankly, I couldn’t believe what I was reading on here at first, I was expecting the first negative posts to arrive at any moment..

        • Frankly says:

          I am sure some people won’t be able to make it work, as with anything, some people wont follow the rules, and information.

          Just make sure you are the one that does, like we do, and you will be fine 🙂

  96. Frankly says:

    another great week for me using this. I am actually writing this on the wifi in a hotel we are staying in for the Bank Holiday weekend.

    All paid for with the profits of this week 🙂

  97. Jackie says:

    Well done Frankly:)Good for you, great stuff!!

    May I ask everyone that’s familiar with this, how long would this take to understand for someone who has never bet before?

    About to embark on this with earnest now that the rearranging of the flat has been done:)


    • James Elias says:

      To Jackie. I had not gambled on betfair before, and I read the manuals about 3 times just to make sure I had learned it correctly. I then had a look around on betfair for a few hours, watched some races using betfair to get the grasp of it all, and have already made money this week as I said. If I can do this, anyone can, because I really was a total novice on these things. As is the consensus on here, take things slowly.

      James Elias.

      • Jackie says:

        Hi James,

        Thank you very much for your reply, yes I agree, I will ‘paper trade’ first, then use a small bank to ease myself in to the method.

        Slowly does it and all that:)


  98. Dylan says:

    I am really looking forward to using this. It is about time that those who are so used to taking *bookies* started paying people out instead 🙂

  99. Penfold says:

    A great bank holiday weekend was had, and I hope you are all looking forward to getting back in the saddle hehe, and making some more money this week. I know I certainly am.

    I went for a few drinks with some friends over the weekend and we were discussing this. I mentioned to them how much money I had made, which was more than some of them were making as a few of my old pals are retired now, and it raised a few eyebrows, but the missus soon moved the conversation away. Why do women do that!!!!????

    I mentioned the basic idea behind these methods, and all of them said how interesting it was, and how that would and should work. So I logged into my Betfair account using the pubs wifi on my phone, and shown them my account and explained how much I started with £250, and to say they were stuck for words would be putting it lightly when they could see the profits I am making daily, and increasing how much I win every 12 days as I explained a few days ago.

    Anyhow, it is great spending money at the pub using winnings. It definitely makes the ale go down a lot smoother. I am looking forward to another great week, and to getting stuck back into this.

  100. Jackie says:

    Great stuff Penfold!!!

    Angelmouse would be proud:)

    Keep us updated please….

  101. rob w says:

    like your posts penfold keep them coming and most of all keep them winnings rolling in

  102. Tim says:

    Downloaded will read tonight

  103. Chat Noir says:

    Have any of you guys ever had one of your big ‘recovery’ bets not fully matched? It happened to me earlier today. Wondering what others do when this happens?

    • Cabbie says:

      The manuals don’t mention anything about recovery bets. I know what they are, but the manual does not mention them that I have read. Not every single bet you place will get matched. 90+% will, but always ensure you build into your profits the small possibility that it may not.

      Another absolutely flying day for me today using these methods. I said a few weeks ago that I know what I am doing when using betfair, but this is the best way to use it I have come across yet.

      • Chat Noir says:

        Thanks for the reply and well done for today 🙂 I knew if I stuck it out that a win would come and I definitely trust this system its just frustrating that it was my 6th bet and it didn’t get fully matched, leaving me in a position I haven’t yet been in hence wondering how other people have dealt with it when its happened to them. Onwards and upwards 🙂

        • John McNally says:

          This has happened to me once which is very frustrating. I think the safest way to operate is keeping the stakes low, certainly no more than £25 as the author advises. I am betting lower amounts so there is more chance of bets being matched during a losing run.

  104. Paul says:

    Hi Guys

    Been following the thread and without knowing the full facts it seems quite promising so looking to take the plunge

    Could someone tell me what exactly do you get for your money?.. a PDF file? a manual? a DVD?

    Also I do not have a PayPal account nor do I do credit cards anymore (got me into enough trouble they did) so why is it then this only accepts these two methods of payment? What’s wrong with a debit card?


    • Hi again, Paul.

      The download is a package of PDF files, and spreadsheet tools that work with the methods, and do all the calculations for the customer.

      I am not sure what you mean by ‘this only accepts two methods of payment’. To purchase the methods, uses PayPal, and you can use a debit card via the PayPal merchant service. Many people do this, as not everybody has a PayPal account, and they don’t need one.

      See here:

      Image showing payment options



  105. Paul says:

    Well I have no idea where you got that screenshot from as I assure you the only two options to pay when I hit the link were via PayPal and Credit Card

    Anyway, I will give this a go and hopefully get the success that others here are claiming.


    • Hi Paul,

      If you click the buy now link on the product page, you are then presented with the PayPal page, where you see this:

      “Pay with a debit or credit card”

      Once you click the above , on that page, you will see the information on the screenshot above, where you can order without a PayPal account, but with just a debit or debit card.



  106. Vic Mann says:

    Do I need to be at my pc all day to make this work?

    • Sam Peterson says:

      No, most of us here probably have day jobs, and you certainly don’t need to be at your computer all day if you do not have that much time to offer. You can put these methods into practice when you like, even just at weekends if you chose.


      • Vic Mann says:

        Thanks Sam. And this works for sure?

        • Sam Peterson says:

          If you read my comments from a couple of weeks ago, you will see how I started with this, and I have definitely made some great money using it.

          Other people who have said the same thing as I was already thinking when I started, and that is to start smaller and build up to levels you are comfortable with.You will then make money without worrying.


  107. rob w says:

    Hi all, Finally started the system on saturday with real money after a bit of time in practice mode and what a change it is to have money in my betfair account. “winnings that is”. i was in and out within 30-45 mins each day making my £50, with the longest sequence of losses was three on horse trading. after checking the results at end of day it works out i could of kept going all day and not had a sequence of losses of more than 4 all through the day horse trading,but stopped each time i made my daily 2x£25 trades. onwards and upwards from here on in.will keep you all posted on my week to week trading. thanks

    • John McNally says:

      Well done Rob. Like you I stop at two wins per day as the author advises. I think the longer you trade the more likely you are to hit a dreaded long losing run. Get out while you are ahead.

  108. Jackie says:

    Please do Rob, the more the merrier:) I intend to start this after the Postcard Cash system (another excellent method of making money on this site), so that money is coming in at the same time that I am learning this method.

    I have never bet before so my experience will be a learning curve compared to others that are used to betting.


    • rob w says:

      If you keep me posted on the postcard cash system i adhere to keep you upto date with this as it was somethink i was also looking into but this has taken up all my attention for the time being. Hope to make a few bob on this and then widen my horizons. onwards and upwards hey jackie


  109. Jackie says:

    Hi Rob,

    I certainly will do:) Thanks so much for the encouragment Rob:)

    I have the £97 for the Postcard Cash System itself, and intended to start with £100 this week, but just my luck, the BT Bill was a rather high one so will begin on June 5th with £200, any profits from the first campaign I will post here, then I start the second Campaign with profits from the first, and will post profits here as usual, my aim is to roll profits into four campaigns, going higher each time; Spends and Profits will be recorded here:)

    You will be able to see how it pans out for me starting with £200 on June 5th, hoping I can begin quickly after paying for the System.

    Keep us updated Rob, this one is exciting as well, and will tackle this once I have finished compounding and am happy with the weekly returns:)

    Thank you again Rob,


  110. Carter says:

    No brainer this one by the look of all the comments. I just need to get some other work out of the way then I will be giving this a bash!

  111. Jimmy P says:

    I had not used Betfair for a few years before venturing into using these methods. So I spent a few days refreshing my memory on how it Betfair worked again, which did take long. I did a bit of testing too, which went well.

    My first day? I made £40 inside an hour. Marvelous.


    • Brenda says:

      Hi there, I just got this and whilst I get the info I cant make head or tail of betfair, Ive watched their tutorials but cant seem to find certain things on the betfair site, does anyone know of an idiots guide to betfair lol any help will be welcome

  112. Tyler says:

    Hello. My computer crashed as I was downloading the files. Can you please email them to me. Thank you.

  113. rob w says:

    Hi just an update to my daily dealings with this system on the horses of today, and yes another great day. first 2 losses 3rd a winning bet, so my first part of the set done and £25 pound in the bag, not long before i completed the set with another £25 in the bank. Thats me done for the day £50 quid profit in less than 1 hour, were else would you acheive that per hour. Cant wait for tomorrow to come, same outcome i hope.Will continue to make my £50 a day until tuesday 21st may when then i will be upping my stakes to acheive £100 daily with 2 lots of £50 staked. JUST LIKE IT SAYS ON THE TIN. will keep you all posted.

    • Jackie says:

      Well done Rob, brilliant stuff!!!

      Keep us updated:)

      Please visit the Postcard Cash System page after June 5th if you want to know how I am getting on; will post here to let you know I am starting it.

      Fantastic stuff, what a great website this is:)


      • rob w says:

        Will do jackie, be interested how it performs for you, as i will have a bash at it myself if all goes well, good luck and hope to hear back from you regarding pcc shortley after june 5th.

    • John McNally says:

      Not exactly as it says on the tin. The maximum bet the author advises is £25. Stick to the rules and you can’t go wrong.


  114. Chat Noir says:

    Just wondering how people are getting on that have been doing this for a while now. Are you still going for 50 a day or have you increased it, are you going for 2 wins or spreading it over 3+ etc. Always interesting to hear others perspectives and experiences, this is such a positive and supportive thread I’m so grateful I found it! Thank you UK drop shop and everyone who is commenting and encouraging, I would have been too skeptical to go for this if it wasn’t for the comments on here. Personally I’ve been going for 60 a day over 2 wins with great success and hoping it’ll continue with the scope to increase the target so opinions and experiences welcomed 🙂

  115. CLS says:

    I hit my first £25 profit today, does that mean I can stop, or do I carry on for the second £25 profit? as the manual says?

    Can someone please let me know. Thanks everyone. Great this.

  116. Craig says:

    CLS – if following the manual and doing two sets of £25 to make £50 you carry on after having made £25. The manual says do two sets 🙂

  117. phil says:


    carry on my friend…unless you are ready to retire on the £25!!

  118. Jackie says:

    Hi CLS, if you have a £500 Bank, then this allows you £50 a day, so yes you can happily carry on to bag that second £25.00 profit daily:)


    • John McNally says:

      Sorry that’s not what the manual says. With £500 the author advises starting with £10 bets. It’s far better to use this with low stakes while you are learning the system.


  119. Martin says:

    Was interested immediately, so have purchased.

    Have read the manual and am watching over the next couple of days to see how this works out. One issue/ problem I may foresee, is in placing bets quickly enough after using the supplied tools for stakes, in the in play market.

    Are most “investors” betting in-play?



    • CLS says:

      Mine are always in play so far 🙂

    • Craig says:

      I do before the event starts.

      You can use bet-angel which is a layer that sits over betfair to make quicker in-play bets.

      I believe you can set up different buttons for different stakes.

  120. CLS says:

    I stopped at £25 profit day because I had to go out with my son. It has been a very promising week this week. Next week is another week and I will be starting over again to make more. Thanks all.

  121. Alan says:


    interesting reading and certainly looks promising after all the rubbish systems I’ve tried over the years.

    How long do you think for a ‘newbie’ to be up and running with this and what would be a reasonable ‘bank’ to start?


    Alan Leak

    • John McNally says:

      I would give it at least 3 months of testing. It has worked for me so far and I have been betting for 10 weeks.


  122. Gee Gee Stuart says:

    Alan, I was up and running the next day, you just have to understand how Betfair works which is simple to be fair. I have made some nice profits with this, and after using it for just over a month now I would say that it definitely works if you stick to the rules. I now see it as an income that I can rely on, which is nice. Stu.

    • Alan says:

      Thanks for feedback – much appreciated. I’ll have a look at Betfair over the coming few days and will almost certainly purchase in a week’s time (pay day!). Alan

    • Stevo says:

      Good inspro Stu. I am looking forward to trying this baby today after reading the info all weekend 🙂

  123. Alan says:

    Hi again
    well I decided to purchase before payday – just couldn’t wait! Anyway have had a look and I sort of understand(ish) how it works….
    Obviously I won’t mention details of the workings but I do have a question: Would I be right in assuming that you need to be at your computer whilst a race is in progress?(“in play?”). Would it be sensible to bet a ‘lay’ in the morning and then go to work for the day..?
    Sorry if these questions seem a bit naïve but I still haven’t totally got my head around it yet 🙂

    • Sam Peterson says:

      You do place the bets with betfair before, or during, although most of the opportunities come during.

      You could do it at weekends if you have no time during the week. I have done days and weekends for weeks now, and both just as profitable.


  124. colin chapman says:

    Well having dipped my toes in the water so to speak, I think I can give an honest opinion of the strategy used in this system. I was a complete novice on Betfair although having had an account with them for a while I was slightly familiar with the bet and lay techniques. However, I did find it initially daunting with all the betting in play and rapid changes of odds. It is necessary to read the manuals a number of times until the methods sink in and you get that Eureka! moment. It is based and a real sure footed principal which is the same one used by the bookmakers to maintain their own profits and with practice I believe many people can do the same. I started by using small amounts of a few pounds in order to get the hang of things and I quickly realized regular profits are easily attainable although it does require you to hold your nerve in the event of a few losses. The software provided looks to recover any accrued loss and it wont be long before you get back into profit on your sequence. I started with a small bank of 100 pounds and look at present to make a small 10 pound daily profit over the next few weeks. 10 pounds daily = 70 pounds a week, which although is not a fortune, it is a very smart return for a small outlay.

    This is the true “thinking outside the box” strategy for consistant betting profits.

    • Alan says:

      I’ve just purchased and still waiting to ‘dip my toes’. I’m still a novice but can see the potential; I’m also very encouraged by all the positive comments here.
      My only ‘concern’ at the moment is finding the time as I assume a couple of uninterrupted hours would be required to safely complete a ‘session’. Like yourself I will start with a small bank and hopefully build up at around £10/day. I’ve dabbled with various other gambling/trading systems and ‘holding your nerves’ in a crisis is definitely easier said than done.
      Anyway look forward to trying this soon….

      • CLS says:

        You should try it, it works for me. As with anything though you have to take the time to do it, it won’t make you money by itself (no offence) 🙂

        I couldn’t do it Tuesday, as I had to go somewhere, but Monday and Today Wednesday I made the money pretty easily.

        • Alan says:

          Hi had a few practices without money to get a ‘feel’ for it. Seems reasonably straightforward; only slight difficulty I foresee is having enough time to work out the stake when betting ‘in play’. Obviously the odds are changing rapidly during the race and I don’t see how there can be time to input the odds in the calculator during a 2nd, 3rd race…

          • Sam Peterson says:

            Alan. I have found no problem at all inputting the odds quickly enough, and I am now into the thousands in terms of profits attained using these methods.

            Although a few of us are testing using these methods using a desktop application known as Bet Angel, which now has a presenting feature that allows bets that are triggered using certain action points, so it might be possible to preset the whole sequence.

            This mean mean that once preset, the software can be told to bet a certain amount only if a particular horse and their odds are as per the method. It is very exciting, because it will mean you could determine your profit level needed before the race, then set the software to do everything else, and this will only happen, the software taking action ONLY when the right criteria has been met based on the method instructions.

            These methods are a game changer, and if it can be automated using software then wow, what a serious discovery it would be.


          • John McNally says:

            I had the same problem when I started 10 weeks ago. Now I bet everything pre-play, that way I know exactly how much to stake. Far less stress doing it this way as well!


      • colin chapman says:

        Hi Alan
        Yes it is helpful to have a couple of hours spare, but really your profits can easily made in half that time. Yesterday as an example, 3 bets and 2 winners for my 10 pound plus profit all in 45 minutes done during mid afternoon when i had a bit of spare time. Small target maybe, I could have gone on and made more but I have my daily target and for the next month I intend to build a betting bank and then maybe increase it to a 20 pound daily profit using accrued betting bank.

  125. Alan says:

    Thanks for info and advice – much appreciated. Soon as I have a free day I will make a start with the goal of £10-15/day.

    Meantime I have been practising on Betfair and laying real money, around £2-3/bet, but not actually using the system properly as such. Anyway I have won 3 out of 4 bets and up around £10 during this practice. It’s not as difficult as I thought and it has helped my confidence a lot.

    Will get back with updates in the near future…

    • Alan says:

      Hi very quiet on here at the moment – must be the bank holiday!
      Anyway still haven’t used the system fully; however I keep making a few lay bets using system criteria and I’m about £20 up. I’ve won about 6 out of 8 bets so I’m feeling optimistic..

      I’m taking early retirement next month so – apart from housework and wife’s list of jobs to do – I’ll soon be able to devote a few hours a day to this…:-)

      • John McNally says:

        Well done Alan. I am keeping my stakes low as well. Unlike you I have already retired so I have plenty of time to bet in the afternoons. It’s great, I’m really enyoying it.


  126. colin chapman says:

    This Betangel software sounds good, especially if you can lock in the profits. It can be difficult having enough time betting in play to calculate how much is needed to hit your target although I use a precalculated chart on a notebook which gives me at a glance an approximate estimate of required stakes/odds and with a bit of practise you can almost guess how much you need to cover your margins.

  127. Daniel says:

    I don’t know if this is a fluke or not, or even if I have followed the rules correctly, but I made a good profit on both my first two bets today?

    Fluke or not, something happened, so I stopped there and will read everything again just to make sure I got it right.

    Interesting, very interesting.

  128. Daniel says:

    Defo not a fluke yesterday. I also made money with this today too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • colin chapman says:

      No you are right Danny it’s no fluke if you stick to the recommendations of the system. I have found it easy to bend the rules a bit and expose yourself to unnecessary risks by being a bit flexible with the prices. I have dabbled in wrong prices and soon put a dent in my profits. By sticking to the plan I have since recovered them, the system owner knows what he is talking about so keep inside the guidelines and you won’t go wrong.

  129. Alan says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else have problems finding enough bets that fit the system criteria?

    • Penfold says:

      Alan. You must not have read the manual correctly. I find nearly every race has a selection. You are using inplay yes? That is where most of the selections will be found. Some can be found before play but mostly inplay. This is still working great guns for me, and some nice predictions on profits rolling weekly.

      What I will say is that you have to stick to the rules religiously everyone, and you will make some very good money with this. What is says in the manual about managing the risk is SO true that you cannot forget it. The money is made almost every day for me, apart from a few off days which will always be brought right back on track the day after.

      Just stick to the rules and this works fantastically well. My bank is building up very healthily now. I have never had so much money sitting there, which probably tells you I have not had much success in my life, but this, this is a godsend to me, and you have to follow the rules. How many times have I said that now?

      I did try tweaking something about two weeks ago, and deviated from the rules, which didn’t work out too well, so the next day I went back to the rules, and made a profit again. Which is why I am adamant about the rules.

      I am definitely on track with my planned profit increases per month, from what I said in earlier posts, so get serious about this, and get moving on it.

      • rob w says:

        HI PENFOLD nice to here from you and to hear your going strong. one problem i seem to be having what you mite be able to help with is how to set up the automation on the bet angel for the selections to be taken inplay at the required price it states in manual as it keeps taken more than 1 selection. regards rob

        • Sam Peterson says:

          I am one of those trying to get this to work with bet angel, even though the information does not mention bet angel. It might not be possible, you may want to email the owners of bet angel and ask, because that facility they offer in the software is brand new, so there might be enhancements to it.


  130. Alan says:

    Hi thx for advice. I do understand the concept, all I’m saying is that if you run through the various race cards on any racing day it’s not that easy to find 3 or 4 races that meet the betting criteria. I understand that this is pre-race and the odds obviously change as the race gets nearer (usually shortening which is, of course, what we’re looking for). I’m slightly uncomfortable using in play betting because if the odds are rapidly shortening then that means that particular horse is winning.. well at least I assume it is.

    I still haven’t had time to try this for real so I don’t have any real experience as yet.

    • Sam Peterson says:

      The main money being made here is in play, and not before the races. Sure it can happen before the race, but as the race gets nearer more money is gambled from thousands of punters, and that is why you get the odds you need.

      It is no problem getting the odds, for me they happen in almost every single race, and it is not problem either with them changing quickly, because even if they go up or down, it will average itself out over time, and winnings. Just get as close as you can. The principle works the same way.

      It is all about the law of averages, and taking advantage, which is what we all do.


    • John McNally says:

      Alan, I have tried something that has exactly the same win ratio as in-play betting, without any of the stress. What I do is select the obvious horse before the race, input your stake which you know in advance, and request the correct odds as advised by the author.

      What happens is either the odds are obtained automatically in-play and you either win or lose. The win ratio is exactly the same as betting entirely in-play without any of the stress! The only difference is that out of 94 bets 40 were not placed. That doesn’t matter as there are plenty of races to bet on especially if you are retired like me!

      Hope this helps.


  131. Rob says:

    Hi everyone,

    Im new to this sort of thing, and Im struggling a bit with this. How do you do the In-Play with horse racing?

  132. Rob says:

    Hello all,

    Help! I layed the

      (this content has been removed by admin as to not divulge the method other than to those who have paid for the information)

    . The horse came 2nd. I lost my money , what happened?

    • Sam Peterson says:

      If you layed the horse and it came second then you WON. You must have done something wrong, because that is a WINNING bet, not a losing one. You should re-read how laying works.

      Laying means you are betting on something NOT happening, not winning, and that is what happened in your bet, so you did not lose.

      That is a winning bet you made there. I would have made £50 to £150 on your bet depending on where I was in the sequence of the day.


    • Hi Rob,

      As Sam has stated below. That would be a successful bet. See this from the Betfair site:

      See here:

      Image showing payment options

      You may wish to have a good read of the page the arrow points to, then watch a video or two on the Betfair Website to understand how it works.

      That particular bet, when followed correctly, would have generated you a nice profit.



  133. Rob says:

    ADMIN and SAM,

    Thanks for your help. Guess what! I won today YA HOO! I think im getting it at last. Going back to read manual again for the 5th time. Taking it steady. Cheers.

    • Sam Peterson says:

      No problem. Pleased to hear it is working for you, and that you are making money. That’s what it is all about.


  134. Kaplan says:

    Hey guys!
    I dont know why my last comment wasnt published but.. anyways Im here with another update. After my experience with football wasnt that good. I decided to stick with horse racing, and the results have been amazing so far. I started again with a bank of $100 and followed the loss recovery method explained in the book to the letter, and after 4 days I doubled my bank!. Im pretty excited and I noticed that with horse racing the winning streaks are more consistent that with football, at least in my experience that is the case.
    Now my goal is to double that $200 and I will keep you guys updated with my results!.
    P.S: Sorry for my broken english.

    • Gee Gee Stuart says:

      Well done on doubling your bank Kaplan. My experience is similar to yours, but I made good profit with football too.

      But this is much easier and a lot faster with horse racing like you say. I doubled my own bank in a few days like you did. I started with £300 and my bank is now at just over £1400 after today’s bets. I love it. Making money is addictive. Stu.

  135. Tony says:

    After reading ALL comments several times I jumped in a few weeks ago and whilst not able to be active everyday I am having no problems making money, you just have to understand the basic concept and follow the instructions.

    What I am having problems with is Sam’s statement “The main money being made here is in play, and not before the races” my experience is the complete opposite…

    I’ve spent the last week monitoring and paper trading numerous live races and had very little success so I am sticking with pre race selection for the foreseeble.

    What I would fnd VERY helpful would be a buyers only forum, there are numerous questions I’d like to ask a number of people in his thread whch just isn’t possible in a sales page thread…

    I am also looking to automate the whole process and a forum of like minded users would be very helpful in that respect.


    • Martin says:

      I find all my profit comes in play; I do find myself reluctant to take anything pre-race but I am open to look at that further. I too would be interested in a buyers forum; even a Skype group would be good, where buyers can chat, exchange ideas etc.

      I have started using market feeder pro, and I do find this works really well in play, as the odds change so much quicker. I will also be trying to automate the process, as I do find that sometimes the emotions still take over.


    • Harry says:

      My profits are made from In play too, but it was good to read that yours are before play, as then we have the best of both worlds to add to our armoury.

  136. Alan says:

    Hi Tony

    I totally agree with everything you have said, and I think your suggestions will meet with approval from everyone on this thread.

    My experience is similar(ish) to yours other than I have not found sufficient time to start doing this properly. I am taking early retirement in a few weeks so I will look upon this system as a part-time job!

    Anyway hope to hear more about a buyers forum in the near future…


  137. Rob says:

    Hi Admin and Sam,

    The one thing I cant grasp is: WITH HORSE RACING … If your 1st bet loses, what do you actually do on the 2nd race? Do you double up? I.E. 1st race loses £5. 2nd race do you double up to £10? and if lose again keep doubling up? Thanks Rob.

    • Harry says:

      Rob, I don’t think you can reveal the system here, but anyway this has nothing to do with doubling up. There is a tool in the package a formula where you have to type in your figures and it works everything out for you. It is what I use. Without it I would struggle so it’s essential for me, as never have been good with figures. It explains the tool in the manual.

  138. Harry says:

    I must admit that I didn’t read any these comments before purchasing this system, but boy am I pleased I did. I made some money today a profit on my first try. I did mine in play, but now I have read it works before play I might try that too.

    Can this be automated? It works anyway but if there was some way to automate it, that would be good too.

  139. Rob says:


    I just don’t undersatand the calculator. Rob

    • Harry says:

      Simple Rob. You simply type in the odds, and the calculator tells you how much to bet. It cannot get any easier than that 🙂

  140. Tony says:

    Glad the forum idea found some support, I have some suggestions I plan on putting to Admin which may see it come to fruition in some form or another.

    “Can this be automated?”

    I have everything place to automate this with the exception of the staking template which I hope to have resolved shortly…


    • Harry says:

      That does sound good. thanks for the reply. It is working great so far, but automation would be the icing.

  141. Movie Fanatic says:

    Hello peeps.

    All looking good so far. I just wanted to ask you all something.

    My question is, from the profits I have made so far, are they really all tax free, and I don’t need to declare them as income?


  142. Jackie says:

    Hi Movie Fanatic, (Mean Streets with De Niro is my fave movie:)

    Yes, it’s ALL tax free, it’s classed as Gambling, and is currently tax free in the UK:)

    I understand that SOME really big gamblers (earning over £500,000 per year) may have some negotiating to do with the Tax folk), but for the rest of us it’s straight in your pocket untouched…

    • Flagger says:

      yep, all winnings are tax free. The government tried to change it a few years ago, but if they started making people pay tax, then they would be liable for losses too, and people claiming back losses through their tax affairs, so they thought best to leave it.

      And leave it they did, so tax free now 🙂

  143. jake says:

    Interesting idea behind it all just not used betfair or anything like that before so will need to learn it.

  144. Jackie says:


    Would this automated process make it easier to use for betting newbies…

    Thanking you in advance:)

  145. Matt says:

    I bought the method today after reading all the great comments here.

    I’m just learning Betfair at the moment, but have a question. When you have a page open for a horse race with the betting options in front of you, why does ‘SUSPENDED’ come up over the betting options?

    I’m trying to practice bet, but it seems to come up suspended before the race starts?


  146. Flagger says:

    Great guns so far, all in play, thanks for sharing this!

    • Jackie says:

      Flagger, how much have you won and what Bank did you start with?

      It helps other readers to know the stats….

      • Flagger says:

        I already had money in betfair as I am not new to a flutter. How much have I won? I do not work on winnings but percentage of profit made on the bank, so I had about £1200 in the betfair account, and would say from using these methods *i do other things too* but just from these methods, about £1800 *or thee abouts* made. I do bet higher stakes than what most would but even so it is not the stakes that matter but the percentage return on your bank, that is what is important.

  147. Jimbob says:

    I followed the instructions to a t and have already making money with this which is great but i wanted to ask if this will only work with betfair. I had not done this kind of stuff and have just followed the rules closely but will it also make money anywhere else?


    • Flagger says:

      You only need betfair for this. There are other betting exchanges online but they do not have the liquidity *the money* to match all the time. Stick with betfair, they are easily enough to make money from.

  148. Matt says:

    Made my first winnings today 🙂

    I won, lost, then won a race. I would have won on the 2 races before these too if i had put a real bet on, but i was still getting a feel for Betfair.


  149. Tony says:

    “Would this automated process make it easier to use for betting newbies… ”

    Well it would if you had a set of instructions to follow and the staking template. Trouble I am having is translating the excel spreadsheet to something the bot can use.

    Not sure why but I’ve approached 5 “experts” to date with little to show for it, meaning I am no further forward than I was last week!

    Re Flaggers Comment

    “I do bet higher stakes than what most would but even so it is not the stakes that matter but the percentage return on your bank, that is what is important.”

    I both agree and disagree with elements of that statement, the stakes do matter particulalry when you are well into a set. % return or to put it another way the growth of your bank is what you will measure success against.


  150. benshaw says:

    how long does the dowload e-mail take to come through, not received one yet, im vey eager to read and start trying it out

    • Hi Ben,

      The download sends an email immediately. Please check your spam folder, it is probably in there, and if not just send an email to us and we will resend the download link.



  151. The better half says:

    This method of betfair has also been working for me so far, I hope it continues. One thing I will say to fellow peeps is that if you have not used the betfair before watch the videos that is what i did and how i learnt it, and you will be fine. Shaun.

    • Jackie says:

      Hi Shaun, Yes, the advice here for newbies is to get used to Betfair, then everything will flow from that. What I like about this product is it is under your control more than other products.

  152. Jackie says:

    Tony, any progress on that Automation?

  153. mark jones says:

    Hi can people give me their honest thoughts on betfair,ive tried other racing methods and got scammed,been told there is only one winner,the bookies,otherwise they would be broke,my brother used to say,you don’t see a bookie riding a pushbike,i’m open to your thoughts,thanks,Mark

    • Flagger says:

      Betfair is NOT a bookie but a betting exchange where you exchange bets with other people like yourself, you are betting against other people on betfair, which is why there is money to be made. Bookies dont make mistakes, I agree, but people do, and they make these mistakes everyday!!!!!

      This works and makes money if you stick to the rules.

  154. Bryan Carline says:


    I struggled to download everything at first, but an email to the website owners quickly sorted that out, now I am up and running and after learning everything for a few days I think this is working for me. Not loadsadosh because I am very cautious with things like this, so I only bet small, but the profits are building up nice. I am only going for £10 a day to start with, and I have had no trouble doing that so far 🙂


  155. Hi Everyone,

    It is not often we need to use testimonials for products, even though we receive them every day for this particular product.

    We received an email last week from a long standing customer, who had purchased this product a few months ago, and with his permission, we just wanted to share with you his email to us.

    Betfair Method Results From Spreadsheet

    After receiving this email, we asked Saj what he specialises in to make his daily profits, to which he informed us that he speacialises in cricket, and other sports.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



  156. Sparky says:

    i would never have even thought of using this on cricket. I have not made quite as much as Sajaad in your pic but I have been making gradual money with this. I have mainly been focusing on racing and will be starting on the footy when the season starts again. I will definitely be looking at cricket now too. I read the manual a couple of times to make real sure I understood everything and it makes sense. Most people really do bet on something that not always works like the book says and this is not really surprising as most gamblers are mugs and this takes real advantage of that which surprised me somewhat.

    It is school holidays in a few weeks and for one of the first times I will have a little money to take my daughters to a few places with some of the money I have made using this. So thanks and thanks for all the help in putting some extra money in my pockets. It has certainly opened my eyes that some things do work.

  157. Monty says:

    Hey everyone, hope you’re all having success with this system!!

    I’ve just purchased this with good results on football so far. I’ve had a few goes at horses but because I’m using my smartphone and not a computer, most of the time I struggle to get my bets matched in time when the odds change so fast. Does anyone else have this problem?

    Any ideas (other than limiting my time to when I can access a PC!)?

    • Ste Rose says:

      I wouldn’t risk it on a smart phone, others might, but I think trading requires a better internet.

      I do all mine from the pc, and don’t have any issues getting the bets on. Im really enjoying it too. Money is nice as well 🙂

  158. P Dawson says:

    Hi and thanks. The thanks is for this product, that is already making me some good money.

    I have messed around with betfair products before, and nothing really worked, but this has already got me my money back on what it cost. I am in work this week and the weekend, so I cannot use it this week, but last week I finished with around £310 profit.

    I did test it for a few days first, just to make sure I understood. A big thumbs up guys.


  159. mark says:

    hi,looking at all this excellent feed back im going to buy over w/end!just a couple of questions?is there really any limit to what you can earn with this? ie if you just keep compounding your winnings?and is anyone out there doing this 24/7 as a primary source of income??? regards mark

  160. Flagger says:

    I ordered this this morning, but didn’t receive a download can you help please as I am looking forward to get started. I ordered from an android, is that a problem?

    • Hi Flagger,

      The download link has now been resent to your email, please ensure that you check your spam filter, as Hotmail accounts are well-known for blocking automated emails.



  161. mark jones says:

    I am very close to joining,1 last question,can you do the bets online or do i have to go into a bookies,just wondering

    • Taff says:

      It is all done online Mark. You just use the betfair website to make this work.

      • mark jones says:

        Thanks Taff,not that i don’t believe people but can you really make a decent profit with this,i know it wont make you rich,but a few extra quid in my pocket would be nice,Regards,Mark

        • Taff says:

          No m8 you won’t get rich, some do on betfair but this does make money if you follow the rules carefully. Its easy to understand why it does what it does but you have to read everything as a lot of good info could good missed if you rush through it. the betting management bit is very important as it tells you what to do depending on what happens.

          • mark jones says:

            Thanks Taff,i will read and digest every word,and take my time and follow it by the letter,if it works,why try and cut corners,could you add me on facebook if you would please,im from the UK,this is my personnel page.
            (removed. Unfortunately we do not allow personal advertising, as there could be liability)

          • Jackie says:

            Hi Taff,

            I repeat the question asked by Mark on July 19th, is there a limit on what you can win every day?

            Can you keep compounding and compounding…

            Hope to hear back from you soon.

  162. Taff says:

    can you keep compunding your profits? if the liquidity is there. Depends on what you bet with. If UK horseracing then should be no problem as there are millions being backed on it every day so the money is there. Football would be the same millions, so yip you could if that is what you do. If you were to bet on some far east race that is not popular then you might struggle as not much action, money will be on it probably. I dont compound myself I just go for a win, but you could if that is what you do. I read other people doing it. UK markets have loads of money on them which is what if you were compounding you would look at.

  163. mark jones says:

    Just to let you know admin,i wasnt advertising,i was just seeing if someone would accept my friend request,but if that isnt acceptable,i will of course abide by the rules,Mark

  164. Taff says:

    just to say i am looking at other sports that work with this too. The footy season starts soon so be trying the bonus on that.

  165. mark jones says:

    Hi,i hope you dont mind me asking questions,is betfair the same as which is a betting site like betfred etc,Regards,Mark

    • Taff says:

      Betfair is not a bookie m8. It is a betting exchange. You bet against other people like you and me. That’s why it is easier to make money as most other gamblers are clueless. Lol. I made 45 quid today on Betfair and this means another punter out there is out of pocket. There are no bookies involved only other people bud.

      • Jackie says:

        Just another question Taff, is the liquidity the same on Betfair as years gone by, as I hear it’s not the same now.

        Thank you in advance:)

        • Taff says:

          Nah, liquidity is a lot higher now as years have gone by as it is more popular. Also you get bookies using betfair to offset some of their more negative bets which gives more money into the market.

          • Jackie says:

            Brilliant stuff! It’s good that here is a website to go to for advice on this product as well, so you feel that you are on on your own, this is important especially for newbies:)

            Thanks so much Taff:)

  166. Jamie says:

    Hello All and Congrats!
    I have not really tried any particular stratergy on betfair to date apart from a simple back and lay trade.
    I am looking for some guide or stratergy that ‘acutally’ works! lol is that too much to ask.

    I am interested in this system as many other but i want honest un edited truth on how i can turn a real profit. I am not a greedy man and £10 a day would suit me. (at least to start with) :).

    So is this ok to try or use in pre match or pre race settings ?. I am not that good at horse racing more of a football follower , so maybe i look at both from a new angle.

    I have a limited bank of £200 at present but surely that would fuel my £10 a day target. Is this realistic on this system ?.

    If any of you chaps could speak to me directly or reply to my post it would be appreciated.



    • Taff says:

      Just start slower, then build up with your profits, that is what most do. You dont have to be good at any of this stuff, it is just a method that you follow. just make sure you have a good snoop and read the instructions before you start.

  167. Jackie says:

    Good on ya Malcolm, we all here wish you the very best of success with it:)

    Keep us all posted,

  168. Mihai says:

    Hello! I don’t speak English too well so please excuse my mistakes. I just want to ask how much money do you need in your Betfair account to start this system? Thanks!

    • Brian says:


      Entirely up to you.

      When I started with this a couple months ago, and started with about £80. But the amounts I went for were low, and just built up. I am anything but a fancy dan and the profits I went for were like £2, and £3 a day, which as a pensioner is fine by me.

      you should do the same if you have not much in your bank. What I found was that if I could make smaller amounts, then people starting this with higher banks could make higher profits and by the sounds of things that is what a lot of users do.

      I am happy with what I make though.

      Brian Mead

  169. Dave says:

    Hi Guys,
    I purchased this product but not placed a bet yet, i understand the betfair side of things but i don’t get the staking on the spreadsheet as didn’t seem to match the figures in the pdf.
    Could someone on here or admin advise me going forward.


    • Taff says:

      It wont match m8 cos they are not the odds betfair give **you**. You just have to put your own odds in that betfair give you at the time of the event. It defo works and saves you messing about having to work out all the calcs for every bet. I still use it. Try it on your own odds m8 and youll see how it works.

    • Jackie says:

      Any answers for Dave anyone?

    • Hi Dave,

      The figures in the PDF will be from the author’s own stats, and odds, and as it is unlikely that you will get the exact same odds (a few points either side is more likely), then it will not be exact.

      What you need to do, and there is a section on this, is put into the spreadsheet the odds you get yourself, and then the tool will automatically calculate how much to trade to gain the right amount of profit.



  170. Geezer says:

    This is certainly different to most of what I read out there, which didn’t work.

    This has worked for me so far, and the idea behind it is what drawn me to this programme in the first place. Logic is behind this, and some very good thinking from what I can see.

    Simplicity, profits, and working well for me so far.

  171. Jackie says:

    Hi again,

    Just wondered if this method allows you to make multiple bets on the same result; if you were betting larger amounts and had to spread these out to several punters rather than just one?

    Hope you are all doing well:)


    • Taff says:

      Do not even think of doing that jac, you will end up losing your blouse / shirt. Stick to what is advised!!! or if you think you have something new that could work test test test test test test tesr test first!

      of did I say to test?? lol

  172. TT says:

    I have some money with this, and I am now wondering what the tax rules are? Do I have to now start paying tax on the profits I am making?

  173. Bazza says:

    Do you guys thinks that, when betting on horse racing, it’s best to bet on a race that has 8 or more runners? The more runners, the better chances of getting a win?

    • Taff says:

      Possibly, but test it first geezer! I have made great spondooles with this without filtering to that level. but I might try other stuff after testing.

  174. Gaz Jones says:

    I read all of these comments when helping me to decide. All is going well so far, small acorns and all that. Making small profits already then will scale up when my bank is higher. I am thinking about trying your bonus scooper too.


  175. Hamin says:

    Profitable start with this today. Impressed.

  176. Carl Strange says:

    This is the third product I have purchased from this website, and all have made money so far.

    Keep up your clearly excellent work guys. This is now one of the first websites I check in the morning.


  177. Ben says:

    I made £10 today. I was so excited. The reason I was excited as I had been paper trading this for a week, and this was my first live bet today, and it won. Fricking good stuff. It took a while for me to read everything, as I am not the best reader, so had to get my brother to help with stuff, and he has now started it too!

  178. Jackie says:

    Hi Alex, great work, your old dad was the saviour of the day:)

    Keep us all updated, and stick around, as I may need to ask you about those odds to clarify things.

    Thanks again,


  179. Mark J says:

    I have been reading all the comments here and will be purchasing soon,reading between the lines I have a good idea of how this works but the criteria of when to bet is of course the key to this.
    I have noticed a few emails saying they cant work out odds fast enough, well there is a free basic version of bet angel which will automatically indicate when your bet is in profit, just tick the green up tab, then click on the price if you want to equalise the profit, in the settings section make sure you un tick the bet confirmation, this will speed up you getting your bet matched, hope this helps.

  180. Lewi says:

    Hi MarkJ.

    Interesting comment. Are the Bet Angel instructions ‘idiot proof’ as I’ve never used anything like this?


  181. Mark J says:

    Lewi, the basic version is easier to use than the fully paid up one, once you have put a bet on with one click the odds will move either up or down, if you tick the green up tab the figure indicates how much you have won at that stage in the race, just click on the figure and it will automatically equalize your profit no matter who wins, if however the odds move against you the figures will be in red not green, this is were you have to make a decision, get out now for a smaller loss or let it ride with the hope of the odds moving back in your favour, there are instruction manuals how to use, Ive used the free version for 3 years, works nicely.

  182. Lewi says:

    Mark J. Thanks for that. I’ll take a look at the basic version.

  183. Soft Tech says:

    We have had some of our guys testing this method using some software we have that can check variables, and the results were very favourable.

    Well Done to the author, very insightful.

  184. Sparky Notts says:

    Hi all. After trying a few of these so called methods over the years this is probably one of a handful that does make profits. It made for a good read. Well explained, and quick to spot why it would work. Nice website and support structure you have here. Great to see it!

  185. Mark J says:

    Having finally purchased this product I must say I,m impressed, I have to say I have used betfair and bet angel for some years now, i,m certainly not a trader as I dont know anyone who makes regular profits trading before the off, I did flirt with this method some time ago but never really took it very far, however I feel I have been pointed in the right direction and would recommend to any seasoned campaigner of betfair to seriously take a look at this.
    What I failed to research previously was the amount of time this occurrence happened and eventually after the losses how quickly with a staking method you are back in profit, some of us more experienced betfair uses will see right away how to lock in a profit regardless of who wins the race, infact thats what Ive just done at a race at Hexham, only bought this 30 minutes ago and bang, nice profit, certainly the best method Ive come across in horse racing since betting at the course with an iphone.
    Well done, your secret is safe with me.

  186. Ric Ward says:

    Just to give my view here. I am not into horse racing, but I do watch a lot of sports, and I used this method over the weekend on the legends snooker tournament on sky (great tournie by the way if you like snooker, and eventually won by Steve Davis, not sure how but that is another matter). I made some very nice profits from it using this information. The beitiful thing was that although theyr were legends they are not anymore and were not that predictable as they once were, but all the punters on betfair were thinking about how they used to play and this made it far easier to make some good money.

  187. Hamin says:

    I backtested the bonus system last night with some software I have and the results were pretty amazing to be honest. I backtested with football, which is what I interested in mainly. I also watching to racing today on paper test.

  188. Matty says:

    After reading for a few times I do understand the methodology behind this. It does seem obvious when you think about it, but as with most things if it is easy nobody seems to bother. I am glad I bothered. I’ll be trying it for real this afternoon.

  189. Weekend Player says:

    Good product and easy to understand. Thank you.

  190. Earnie says:

    My Wife visits this website, and wanted to show me this, which although very interesting to beginning with has now proven to me that it is a pretty good money spinner. Still early days but so far so good.

  191. Andy Hayward says:

    Can you use this without bet angel?

  192. graham says:

    I bought this on Friday. First penny bets on Saturday. My first impressions are that the required odds before the off, are more consistant than inplay. Maybe not as many bets, but a higher strike rate, with out large stake increases. Does anyone have any views or stats on this? Should say I will be sticking to horse racing. Thanks.

  193. Gareth says:

    I bought this system a good few weeks ago and am also making some consistently nice returns from using it. Being a cautious sort of person however, Im asking about any long losing runs which may occur. The system says to stop betting if you get to the position where you may get to the stage where you have lost half your bank (which I have got no-where near to by the way) and then to reduce your stakes. But to what should you reduce your stakes to recover any losses? Has anyone any advice on this should it happen?

  194. Jason Mckinley says:

    After a cautious start I am making some decent progress with this now. I have never gambled anything before, so I had to read up all about it, and I think I have a good understanding about it all now.

  195. Marphies says:

    This is working pretty good for me, but has anybody on here used it with bet angel?

  196. Josh says:

    To answer the member above, I have not used it with Betangel, although a mate of mine also uses this method, and is trying to see if Betangel can work with it.

    If not, the profits are still good, but Betangel would of course save some time 🙂


  197. Ashley says:

    Just brought the system and red the pdf. will be getting stuck in tomorrow.

  198. SPlatt says:

    Hi I have been paper testing this so far and the results are promising so I am wanting to start to it for real soon probably next week. Is the £50 the maximum I should go for in a day, or is it unlimited?

  199. jackson says:

    the snooker is where it’s at for me with this method, doing really good. now that the snooker is on almost every week as touranments have been increased you get some players who cannot be bothered for want of a better word and this defo opens this method up to make profits from it. Thanks for letting me see it.

  200. Warren Parker says:

    Good day.

    Yes I am making some decent and consistent profits with this now. I did have to take my time to study it and then move to a live platform, but now I have mastered it, it is going very good. I am looking at other sports to test it with too, instead of keeping all my eggs in one basket, so to speak.

    Good luck everyone, and may the winning keep appearing in Betfair bank account.

  201. Dan Rice says:


    I am making some decent profits with this with a few sports, but I am wondering if if the author could please contact me, as I have been specialising in a sport not shown in the manual and it is working pretty good for me. I am willing to share it with the author so that this can make even more profits.

    You have my email with this message, and I look forward to contact.

    Dan Rice

  202. Steve says:


    Thanks for the purchase. Very interesting method.

  203. Neil D says:

    After testing this on the tennis last week, and over the weekend, I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked.

    I also started with some horse racing today, and won £15 as I didn’t use the full stake advised due to wanting to build some confidence up, but all is well so far. I do know that not every trade will win, and I totally understand using the profits to increase the bank.

    The weekend, and today, I withdrew £127 to my bank account this afternoon, which was a great feeling I can tell you, all profit. I will start again tomorrow, and I am also looking at other sports but will paper trade first again to build more confidence up.

    Very impressed so far.

    Neil Driver

  204. Ahmed says:

    Hello again,

    I wanted to add that this afternoon I have been trading live with this, and made my first £65 in real monies 🙂


    • Mase says:


      I have tried this in a few markets now, and pleasantly surprised at how well it is doing. Still learning a fair bit about it though.


  205. Scotsman says:

    Good system. I don’t trade that much as I am usually busy with work, but when I trade at weekends I have always made a profit so far. Well written and easily explained I thought.

    Thanks for reply to my email over a weekend too, appreciated!

  206. pt says:

    just had a good weekend with this.

  207. Jan says:

    I am thinking about buying this system.
    Can I ask admin or any other members using this system how much do I need to start with?
    I understand I need to open an account with betfair, but how big my account should be to make 50 a day?
    I would like to start with small stakes to test it first.
    Thank you.

  208. Fisher says:

    I was very interested in this as the reviews are obviously very positive.

    The product was purchased last Thursday, and I spent the weekend studying all the info, and reading the manual. Then I started on Monday, and start live with the trades.

    Today is Friday, and so far this week, I have made £220 profit. I know I can make more but I will use the profits to do it now.

    Well done on a very workable product.

    S Fisher

  209. UKDropshop admin says:

    Dear Members,

    We do receive a lot of emails regarding this method, and although we do not show many testimonials, we thought we would highlight an email we received this week showing the method is still going very well:

    Best Wishes,


  210. Rob says:

    Will this work if I am not resident in Uk and would I be able to start with a bank of £100?
    The comments look really positive so am hoping I can get started with this! £50 a day would make a big difference!

  211. Ryan R says:

    Does make a lot of sense, I will be trialling this over the weekend.

  212. Jay says:

    Hi I am very interested in the compounding aspect of the profits mentioned earlier in this thread. I have started small and am well on my way. I have made decent profits considering I am cautious, but still, £80 or thereabouts in three days using lowish stakes and with caution as mentioned.

    What I want to do now is compound as it mentions in the manual, and increase. In fact when you look at it, the compounding sound of it is pretty stunning because if I compound the profits I am making with this so far, I will be well pleased if the results stay the same.

    Good work on this, seriously, I have tried a lot of crap that is out there, and this is as it says so far.


  213. bsair says:

    hello it is good the results i have my english not that great but folowing the detail i making this work well for me and monies is coming.

  214. Gil says:

    Good start today. I hope it continues

  215. jmll says:

    some great reviews on this I am going to order it when I get paid end of this month. Looks good.

  216. P Smethurst says:

    2 races today so far and both made a profit. I am impressed 🙂 Paul

  217. Binman Jo says:


    I too have ordered this product and it is working pretty decently for me. I am not sure how it will work longterm, but over the last 4 days since I ordered it, I am in profit to the turn of about £160.

    It does work, but if I was to give any advice to anybody, I would say definitely give it a go, and take your time to learn it but stick to the rules. The manual is straight to the point and gives what you need straight away, but start slowly like I did, and you get results.


  218. Southern Plumber says:

    I have tried this today *Saturday* after reading through it all this week, and just had to write to let you know how I got on. I was a bit nervous so started with really small stakes it case it went wrong. I needn’t have worried because I won 2 out of 3 and made about £30 so far even with lowish stakes. I cannot do it during the week as I work although I could do evenings I suppose but anyway £30 for half an hours time is not bad at all when I can take it.

    Thank you regards Ronnie

  219. HarleyT says:

    Hi, I am excited to have started trading with this. After much waffle out there, this has had a good start for me. I did a few days of live trading last week and made £40, then started testing again. I just want to make sure I am following the instructions properly, so I am starting slowly. As you say in the manual, the money is not going anywhere so there is no rush. Good start so far though, very positive! Tom

  220. CS Jones says:

    I said that I would write back and I am, I am only starting small with this small stakes as I do not have that much money, but on the basis on what has happened so far, I am completing around £10 to £20 a day which is fine I will look to make more as the amount in my betfair account increases.

  221. Jamie says:

    Hello All,

    I was a person who took all systems for making money with a pinch of salt. Usually like the majority of things online they promise all and it is down to good marketing. BUT i can say that this system has worked for me since i purchased it last week or so and started with a really low bank. (£50) But i can say that i have doubled my bank in this period of time using the given guidelines.

    I would love to have a chat with some one who has used this for longer and who would be willing to give me your experience.


  222. Batcat says:

    I tried this for the first time yesterday and did make a profit. I am not sure if I did everything right but something worked lol I’ll read everything again now I know something is happening lol

  223. Bookman says:

    Not too bad so far, and reasonably impressed with the results I have had. The betting bank I have is not much, as I don’t have much to play with at the moment, but the stats are stacking up. Still, about 70 quid up in the week just toying with it, and when i get a little more extra cash, I am hoping to increase that a lot hopefully.


  224. David T says:

    I really like the look and thought behind the method. It is not something I have tried before but after reading everything 3 times I can see the sense and methodology and I look forward to testing and trying it out.

    Dave, Brighton.

  225. Paul says:

    Hi I have read all 413 comments and sounds like you ALL doing very well 🙂
    I was wondering if anyone has use this system on (Spanish site) I’m asking because I live in spain (I am English)and would love to give this a try! but I’m thinking this system is only for

    Also another question! Does betfair have a change language option? my Spanish is very bad so would be no use to me in Spanish

    One last newbie question- Do I watch the sport events on betfair website? or do I need sky or something

    Thank you

    • Rob S says:

      Hi Paul
      I live in Kenya and opened an account here with Betfair UK with no problem other than having to persuade them to accept my P O Box as my address since we do not have physical postal deliveries. If you have not opened an account, Spain should be fine as it is listed on the allowed countries drop down menu. You will probably have to submit verifying documents as a non UK resident such as a utility bill showing physical address and your passport and bank card. I had to do this.
      Hope this helps!

  226. Stephen Brennan says:

    There are some great comments in this thread, that lead me to purchase this over the bank holiday.
    I have never done this kind of thing before so was not sure. So I spent a good few days learning all the info in the manuals, and did some paper trading for a few days to get the hang of it, and in paper trading I was winning.
    As most people know this type of thing needs to be done live to see the true results, and I am pleased to say that this week so far, I have been making nice gains, with so far being up in profit by about £210.

    Like I say, it is all new to me, and if I can do it, anyone can. I am going to have a nice drink with the family now outside and have a BBQ, the beer will go down nicely.
    Take it easy everyone, and this will be a nice topic of conversation whilst having a few cold ones outside.


  227. mano86 says:


    i have been using this method for the last 14 days and what can i say…it works. I started with a small bank of 70€ and increased it to 680€ in 12 days. I bended the rules a little, as my target daily profit was more than 10% of my bank. My stakes were as it is guidelined in the rules. I lost 300€ yesterday due to something regarding betting in-play.

    I still believe this method is awesome, because i lost my money yesterday due to my “greediness” and some settings on betfair.

    I would like if someone is using BetAngel with this method to contact me, as i have some questions.

    To repeat, system works as i made 20% profit from my entire bank and i wanted more. So to anyone who hasnt tried this yet, dont hesitate, it works 😉

    • Hello,

      Well done on making €610 in 12 days Mano86.

      Although please remember to stick to the rules. If you do not stick to the rules, then you are not following the method, as you have found out. The people who make this work are the ones who stick to the method, and if you require to add your own rules, then always test first on paper.

      The manual advises to stop when you have made the required profit, and not to get ‘greedy’.

      Kind Regards


      • Derek Jonas says:

        I agree with what admin is saying as I was tempted to change things around as I just wrote, but stick to the way it reads in the manual and everything has been great so far.

  228. Sue says:

    Can I ask.. do you carry on placing bets until you win? or is there a cut off point when you start again?


    • Hello Sue,

      We have now replied to your email regarding this, as the manual covers everything you need to do, as detailed in the email.



      • Sue says:

        Thanks admin. I read everything again and I have been completing the daily tasks for a week and doing well if I say so myself lol. I have not made the full amounts stated in the manual because I am being cautious but still profited to the tune of around £80 starting slowly with small amounts.


  229. SOUTHMAN says:

    Can somebody please send me another download link pc is playing up


  230. lotty says:

    Its easy to figure this out once you got the hang of it. I got lost in the beginning after I downloaded it but later on after reading about betfair, it became easy. I have no regrets having this, and look forward to making some money for a change!!!

  231. Steve says:


    Not sure if you guys are still approving comments in here.

    Do we need to have in-depth knowledge of horse racing or sports to be able to use this system? I have zero knowledge of either.


    • Warlock says:

      you dont need any knowledge steve I didnt have any and not doing too badly with this working well for me so far dont get me wrong i knew about to place the bet but what i have read i didnt know about on the product but easy enough to make a few quid with this so far

      • Steve says:

        Thanks mate. Is it possible to make up to £50 from it or have you found your profits to be less than that?

        • Warlock says:

          thing is, anything that works can be scaled as long as the money is there in the market as defo money in the UK market to scale it so yes profits are there I just started smaller but building it slowly to higher profits

          • Steve says:

            Thanks really appreciate that. I think I’m sold. Just earning enough for a starting bank from the £250 a month product I bought last week

  232. Andy says:

    Hi, just got this sytem today. Made my first small amount of money, only trying to win 5 on each set of bets as I learn.
    Was going to attempt it on an in play horse race but I found the odds move much too quickly.
    Does anyone think there will be many opportunities on betting before the horse race.
    Looked at some other races but none of the odds meet the requirements.
    Is it necessary to get the exact odds requirements or can you just take the odds that are closest tot he requirements?

    • James Midland says:

      Hi Andy, use Betangel and this makes it very very easy to get the odds in play. Yes there are also many opportunities before the race it all depends on what the odds for the horse is, but in play using Betangel is so much easier. The support of this website sent me a video showing how they made money using it, maybe ask them to show you and to send you the vid.


  233. Josh Spears says:

    After an initial blip which was my own fault I am now up and running with this, and doing good. On the last 3 days I have made profits. The blip was due to me rushing through the manual and missing something vital, so my fault.

    I contacted support last Friday over this, and was quickly put on the right path, so I would like to thank support for that.

  234. Dear Members,

    We wanting to respond to an email we received yesterday from a member asking about Betfair commissions. As you can see Richard is already making great profits, but wanted to know more about the commissions as his profits increased:

    Answer To question

    We asked Richard if we could use his question to inform other customers.

    The starting amount of commission is 5% taken by Betfair.

    To answer the question, so that other members will also benefit, Betfair only charge 60% commissions on your profits when you have made over £250,000 – which we feel sure you wouldn’t mind, having made that much 🙂



  235. James Midland says:

    Hi all, I thought I would write and let you know how I am getting on with this system after trying it for over a week whilst I have not been at work as well as last weekend too. I am currently in good profit after 14 trades and have made £236 so far. I must admit that I went for it after I thought I had understood it fully so I didn’t paper test it as I could already see the potential after reading what it was all about. A great start I think. I have not been able to trade today thought as I have been at the football with my son, but I will be back on it tomorrow, Sunday to continue.

    The only tips, pardon the pun, I would give is that you do not need to be ultra specific with the odds you need to get, as near as poss would be fine as that is that I have been doing this week and it has gone pretty well for me.

    I have not changed anything on the system as I wanted to make sure that the basic system worked before I tried changing anything. Why would I change anything you might ask. Well I am fairly experienced in this stuff so although what I have tried with this works so far I always try to add other components to the mix to see if I can increase the conversions and profits made.

    I will keep you all informed as to how I get on, but on it’s own is is a sound way to trade and a lot of fund too. I have sent this in an email to the website too as I thought they might want to use it to show other people looking at this.


    • John McNally says:

      Well done James. I must be more cautious than you as I keep strictly within the odds guidelines. Surely if you don’t a losing run becomes too expensive?

  236. Spoiler says:

    Thanks James for that post, you have answered most of the questions I have on this. I am going to order this today!

  237. Always Wright (get it?) says:

    First weekend with this method so far so good. I have dabbled before with betfair so not totally new to it, but there should be no problem following this for anyone.

  238. DJ Hammond says:

    Do I open a Betfair account now or when I have bought the £50 a day product?

  239. Giradischi says:

    Hello, can I use Smarkets as well? Thanks.

  240. David says:

    Hi. I really like the look of this system. I’ve been using other products and making decent money. But I find having to run accounts with at least 20 bookies for those systems to be a real drag.

    Without giving away secrets of course, but do either of the 2 methods let me work with just a few bookies without running the risk of being gubbed?


    • James Midland says:

      Hi David,

      This is nothing to do with other bookies, it is all on Betfair. It is going really well for me. I have also been using Betangel this week too which is software with the system. The support shown me a video of how to use it and it makes the whole operating of the system a lot easier in play.

      The manual does not distinguish between different events on horse racing for example, jumps, flats and the likes, so I am also trying to find advantages with those too, but on my betting so far I have not filtered anything and just gone down the races, but this weekend I am going to see if there is a difference between events to give any extra advantage over what the method already teaches.

      I am very pleased with my purchase, and have made some good money. I just want to see if the advantages can be increased even further as I feel with some additional filters this method could be even better than it already is.


  241. morrice says:

    I have purchased the product today, and am looking forward to making some money in the near future.

    Thought I had read in some of the comments that some people have used demo accounts to start with. I asked Betfair if this is possible and how to set one up.

    The response was to say you can’t do so, is this so?

    Thanks, Morrice

    (Edit by Admin, Morrice, it was the Betangel software that members mentioned that had a free trial, as they have a 14 day free trial, and although not essential the Betangel software does help)

  242. Sol says:

    Easy to read and looks on the surface to be very interesting. Not tried yet will have a dabble at the weekend if I can get the kids off the computer! I did watch a few races yesterday afternoon and based on what the book said I would have made money. Let’s hope I can get the kids of the computer this weekend to try it.

  243. Wayne says:

    I had a little bit of trouble opening the spreadsheet for this, but that was because my pc is crap lol.

    To the admin, thanks for all the support. I really need by a pc that works, i have had mine 15 years lol.

    All in all, this is a blinding little system that is already adding profits to my betfair account.

  244. Digital Dave says:

    Excellent product. I have been having great results with this. I am not willing to say how much money I have made, but so far this has to be one of the best products I have purchased.

  245. tru red says:


  246. Taff says:

    Had some blinding results using this today! I had a losing run of 4 following by 3 wins, so carried on and won more than I should haha

  247. Andi says:

    There is so much rubbish written out there that this was a direct, and straight to the point, no fluff, which is exactly what you need. In profit already and easily made the money back on the first day.

    Top work guys.

  248. Derek Jonas says:

    OK, I was reading this page for ages before I decided to opt to buy, mainly because I had not done this type of thing before and not really my thing. On ordering and downloading the details were fairly straight forward even for a numpty like me lol only been going a week but I have been making money with it almost daily when I have had the time to do it. It really depends on my job as I work flexy time but yeah good so far and happy I bought. I usually screw everything up but so far not made any errors and made a few hundred in betfair. I was tempted to change a few things but after reading others telling me not to I decided to keep to how it reads, and all fine for now.

  249. James Elias says:

    I just wanted to take some time to place a big thank you to everyone on this website page for their considered advice on this system and how best to use it. I started yesterday, and thought my first day may have been a fluke win, but I also made a quick win today also, and have already made £60 profit as I have decided to start with small wins and staking, and I just wanted to say thank you. There is some great advice here, and aft reading all comments it made my mind up to start smaller, and I am extremely positive about taking this forward.

    Good luck to everyone, and may we all keep winning.

    James Elias.

  250. Gio says:

    i recommend so far my results over weekend have been good

  251. John McNally says:

    I’ve just paid via paypal, then realised that my paypal account has a defunct email address. Could you send the download to this new email account? Thanks a lot, looking forward to using the system.


  252. Alex says:

    I just wanted to give a heads up on this. The manual I ordered about 10 days ago, and could not get to grips with it. So myself and my old dad spent time going over it, and we missed a very important point in the manual about Betfair, which does not happen with bookmakers in general, so we couldn’t get our figures to add up.

    Then it dawned on us, how stupid we had been, we forgot something about how the odds are calculated, and what you get paid back for the profit. Once we worked that out we were fine, and have been making about £25 a day, not every day as we have other work to complete, as we run a family carpentry business that hasn’t been great of late, which is why we wanted to find a new income generator, and hopefully this is it.

    Great guns so far,

    Alex (and Dad).

  253. Nic H says:

    First day and first profits. I will be testing this over a full month now to see how it performs longer term.

  254. skytrades says:

    As an experienced trader I have seen this product advertised a few times and wondered what it was all about. I trade the markets full time, so I was genuinely curious at what this was.

    I will cut a long story shortish. The information you are purchasing is valid and will make profits if you stick to the plans. The idea behind it is simple and I am sure I am not allowed to say the principle behind it, but when you read what it is about you will see how it is different from normal ‘betting’ and the uniqueness is the opposite, which is why you receive such good value on your trading.

    I don’t focus on horse racing like many do, but my forte is football, and the section on football and what they advise absolutely does make definitely profits. In fact it is one of the easiest ways to profit. I won’t give the game away to the content of the manual, but if you want to make profits trading and have never done so before, look at the section regarding football, it will make you profit without having to know a great deal about trading.

    It does work, and this type of trading does make profits. My curiosity has gone now and it is good to see a decent product hitting the market that will make buyers some good money.


  255. Kyle says:

    My first foray into betting has been a pretty decent one so far. The videos definitely helped that support sent me, and my first day yesterday lead me to 2 wins and a £48 profit which I was delighted with. I will be continuing today and will continue to hone my testing but overall I am extremely satisfied and the product so far is as advertised.

  256. wayne T says:

    £65 profit on Saturday and a profit today also. Excellent

  257. Shaun says:

    Hi Wayne T,

    Did you find this easy to pick up and understand? Also how long did it take you to get the £65.00 Profit On saturday and how much did you make on the sunday?

    Can you see this making you £100.00 a day and how long did it take you to get your winning bets over the weekend?

    Thank you in advance.


    • wayne T says:

      Easy mate. The criteria is very straight forward. The profit on Saturday was quick, as the winners came in quickly. £100 a day is possible if you carry on trading. I have made more than £100 a day a few times with this and have done it in less than an hour sometimes, sometimes more all depends on the results you get. Sometimes you can do it in 20 minutes sometimes an hour or 2. Beats working for a living. I do work actually but I get some afternoons and weekends off so this is fine. Evenings too you can do it if you just use football.

  258. Shaun says:

    Hi Guys,

    Is anyone using this and consistently doing £100.00 a day or even the £50.00 a day? I know that the author has shown he has done this for a long time so I guess it will stand the test of time, Im just curious if any of you have managed to get some real consistancy?



    • James Midland says:

      Hi Shaun, I started with this in November and I have used Betfair for a good while, and the method can easily make £50 a day if you stick to the rules and adhere to the risk aspects. You need to learn how Betfair works properly. If you are just in a rush to make easy money then you might make mistakes.

      I am on other forums and there are many people making money with Betfair using this type, and style of info, and other formats. This is not just all about horse racing but other sports on offer where there is some serious money to be made.

      £100 a day is very possible if your bank is large enough, and in my opinion £50 a day is not difficult at all, but you must go through the learning process we all go through. It is not get rich you have to follow the rules and sometimes that can take months of learning. I make around £60,£70,000 a year through Betfair alone, and I still have a job which tells you that I do not spend all my time at a computer. Also consider that the people who are making money won’t come to forums like this to tell everyone else, why would they, they just get on with it.


      • Shaun says:

        Hi James,

        Thanks for you reply I do appreciate it. I understand this isn’t just for people looking to rush in and make easy money. Nothing legit is easy money but i guess it can be called smart money.

        The reason I asked how realistic is it for someone to earn the stated £50.00 a day was because you read many things that over promise what is really possible, and as this forum seems to be full of real people, making real money, on different tested systems I did feel quite confident that it was possible to make the £50.00 a day as stated. I just needed that extra confirmation.

        I already use the Bonus Bagging system and have made some money with that, typically £20-£30.00 a day so my thougts were I could combine that with this and make as close to £100.00 a day as possible.

        Like I said I appreciate your input and Im happy to hear about your success around a full time job. 60-70k a year on betfair? Thats brilliant. Is that through any specific system, if you dont mind me asking?



  259. Jolly Josh says:

    Great product, and greatly excuted.

    I was going to start implementing this today as it is easy to understand but my internet has been messing about all morning, so I think it best to start tomorrow.

    I have read some great replies here which is most helpful to me or anybody starting this.

    I shown it to my father too who knows a bit about gambling, and he said it was a definite eye opener.

    Will keep everyone updated.

  260. JohnMcNally says:

    Excellent system, easy to understand and implement. I am retired so have all afternoon to bet. I have never gambled on horse racing before and don’t know anything about it, however I have consistently been winning 3 bets of £10 each every day. I am starting with small stakes while learning the system.

    I prefer getting the right horse before the race though the majority are placed “in play”. The odds change too quickly during the race, so I place a bet before the start and stipulate the correct odds, which are normally matched automatically “in play”.

    I have had some losing runs which are no problem, however I have just had my first losing run of 5, this entailed a restart as per the staking plan. The annoying thing for me is that I wasn’t sure about the 5th bet as there were only 4 runners and judging by the odds, 2 of them were donkeys. (The next race was a win).

    Even on my losing day I had 5 winners and 5 losers, the problem was that all the losers came together.

    Up until now I have been betting on every race until getting 3 wins. However I have the time available to be more selective with my bets and now will not bet on any race with less than 6 runners. Does anyone else use other selection filters?

    • Hello John,

      That is excellent, and great to see you are consistently making profits as we advertise.

      It is also useful for other members to see that losing runs are not a problem with this method as the wins come around often to profit on the next sequence of trades, as long as the rules are adhered to in the manual.

      Regarding your question of filters, this usually comes down to practicing and learning as you go along. The methods (as you already know) makes great profits, so any filters you can use to make even more profits is also an added bonus.

      For example, a customer recently created his own filter for football trading using this method, based on his results, and is now having winning runs of 5, and only losing runs of 2 so far, which is making him around £25 per day on football trading alone.



      • JohnMcNally says:

        An important thing I should mention is that this system is good fun and stress free gambling because of the staking plan. I have all afternoon to select races so I have now decided to only bet on races with 8 or more runners, also I will not bet on any race less than a mile. I noticed the short race problem and researched the statistics via google.

  261. Mark Jones says:

    Hi,a friend of mine has been doing this a few days and made over £150,which is great,i know nothing is fullproof and i am familiar to betting before as i have done matched betting,any advice etc about doing this,to be fair,my friend is well in profit so it seems it does work.Regards.Mark

    • Hello Mark,

      Yes, the methods work extremely well for a lot of our members, although as previously stated back in 2013, you are banned from purchasing any of our products due to how unprofessional you were to a member of our staff via email.

      We spend a great deal of our efforts helping customers, and expect members to converse with us in the same way we converse with them – with respect, and professionalism; and therefore we appreciate the interest, but kindly ask you to look elsewhere for your products.



  262. Humanoid says:

    what more can I say that I have not already said in emails to the guys. easy to follow, straight forward, works, and the support is fantastic. I read the post above, and I definitely have to say that the support I have received from those that run this website is second to none. They even reply on a flipping Sunday ffs!

    so much nonsense on the internet finding this website with genuine guys behind it has been a great move.

    Oh….. nearly forgot, i paid for the manuals with profits on my very first day, and we are now planning a holiday based on my excitement of the methods so far.

    top, top team!!!

  263. Coloro says:

    Will this work for someone who has never gambled and dont know or understand anything about horse racing or football?

    • Hello Coloro,

      No experience is needed to make this method work for you. Most of our customers have no experience either, but the training manual teaches the course as if you were a complete novice, and you will not have any problems with the concept.

      We also offer full support, and video training tutorials should you need them, although most members find the system very easy to understand and implement.



      • Pat says:

        I would agree with that.

        I also had no experience before trying profit maximiser that this website advertises and am doing sterling with it.

        I also started this method and doing very well also. I am going for the £10 x 3 times a day as they advise. The support is top notch too.


  264. Peter says:

    I must admit after being cautious to begin with I am surprised how well this is going for me. I wanted to try it out over the large racing events this week and today had 2 wins out of 3 horse races rendering a profit of approximately £57 take away Betfair’s commissions, which I am extremely pleased with. This proves to me also that if this can work on the large events like Chelt’s where loads of idiotic punters jump onto the train, then it should work on the rest. A good day and already in profit after buying the method from you. Exactly the way it should be.

  265. John McNally says:

    Having read all the comments, these are my thoughts on the system.

    Firstly I should mention that I am a pensioner and have plenty of time all day, my advice may not therefore apply to everyone. Secondly I have had no previous experience with horse racing, but this applies to a lot of people on this website.

    I have mentioned previously that the beauty of this system is its simplicity, however’knowledge is power’and the more you learn about horse racing the better you become. I would stick rigidly to the rules advised by the author, he has been doing this successfully for 9 years so he knows better than us.

    I am recording my bets every day listing the venue, length of race, number of runners, number of runners with odds below 11, starting price for selected horse and the type of race (hurdles etcetera). There are more variables than this but I am lazy and can get all this information from my betting exchange website.

    At the moment I will not bet on a race with less than 6 runners and on races less than a mile. I thought that the more runners there are the better chance you have, however I now realise that what is more important is how competitive the race is. That’s why I count the number of horses with odds below 11.

    A vital part of the system is the staking plan. This helps you cope with losing runs and you know in advance what to do. Losing 2, 3 or 4 in a row is not a problem, however losing 5 requires a restart.

    As advised, I began with a £500 bank and regularly won 3 x £10 each day. After my first losing run of 5 however, I decided to have a complete rethink, and now only aim to win £10 twice a day. When I have won my two bets I stop. (The day I hit a long losing run my first two bets were actually wins. So if I had stopped, as the author advises, the losing run would not have occured that day).

    I am recording everything to try and establish any variables that may increase the strike rate.

    My advice to anyone is be patient and learn the system first. The money isn’t going anywhere and there is plenty of time to increase the stakes once you are fully confident with all the processes. I should also mention that betting with very low stakes is stress free!

    • Hello John,

      Excellent post, and very informative to give other members your view, and the success you are having. I have highlighted a section of your post to show how important it is to stick to the rules when starting out, to make profits.

      Just one thing I would add. We receive many emails from members regarding their success, and one addition I would like to add, which may help you, and other members (without giving away the method details that other customers have paid for), is that if you were to shave .40 from the odds you need, then the liability decreases enough, with a larger bank, to mean you can go approximately 10 races without a win. This makes a large difference. This information came via one of our members, and here was his email:

      Danny Email

      As you have already mentioned, John, the system works fantastically well, but it is always useful, as shown above to see if things can be improved, and member input is perfect for that.

      The other thing to remember, is that this method works well on a variety of different sports, and many members make this system work just as well on football, as many of our members will have seen on the video explanation page.



      • John McNally says:

        Thanks for the tip. I had wondered about lower odds, but I am happy operating within the parameters recommended as I get regular wins.

        • John McNally says:

          Your advice has made me realise the implications lower odds have on the staking plan. Since I started in February I have had two losing runs of five. Yesterday I had another losing run of five, however the lower odds I obtained meant I could easily place a sixth bet. It won! Looking back at my records I have never had a losing run of six.

          Unfortunately I have been rounding up my odds for the staking calculation,(don’t do this anybody!),so I accepted an unnecessary loss on two days. If I had correctly used the staking plan I could have placed a sixth bet which would have won on both occasions.

          • Hello John,

            Great to see that you would have won on both occasions had the staking plan been followed. I have highlighted this on your post, as it is valid, and testament to any method that to make it work, the plans need to be followed.



  266. Jonathan says:

    I have had a very good week with this system. From the 3 days I traded I made the money all three days.

    Easily one of the easiest systems I have tried and working great so far for me.

  267. John McNally says:

    A further update on this excellent system. I have been making regular profits, however as a complete newbie to horse racing I thought I would re-read the manual. I’m glad I did! I now realise that I have not always been selecting the correct horse when betting in play.

    My problem when attempting to bet in play is that the odds move too fast. By the time I press the confirm bet button the odds have moved and the bet is no longer available. I therefore place a bet on the obvious horse before the race starts, requesting the correct odds which are often matched automatically in play.

    Does anyone else manage to bet in play without any additional software?

    • James Midland says:

      Hi John. Nice to see others making good spondules with this. I use this too and it’s not really a problem getting the prices matched it depend on how quickly things are moving and at which stage of the race. I do use software and if you don’t want to pay for Betangel there is a fricking brilliant **FREE** software app out there that many of us use, and it’s called Type it into Google it is 100% free, and works fantastic with this system, and other systems that I use. The software allows you to trade without confirmation on bets and works brilliantly. Also John you don’t have to confirm your bets, just untick the box on Betfair when placing the bet and the bet will just get taken when the bet is matched.

      I have just come off a another fantastic weekend with this system. Chelsea winning yesterday also made me a bundle!


      • John McNally says:

        Thanks for the tip James. I had a look at the Cymatic site and it looks really good. However it appears to work only with Betfair and I am with Betdaq at the moment,(It’s a long boring story). I haven’t used this system with football yet but it looks like you are getting great results. Well done.


  268. Dear Members,

    We just wanted to highlight a message from a lady we received yesterday, to show that it is all genders who are making this method work for them, which is great to see:

    Colette's email




  269. Shaun says:

    Might sound a silly question, but is this really as easy as some people have stated to make consistant money with this?

    Do we get adequate training and guidance once we purchase and if we have further questions does this product have a forum or facebook group that we can ask question in?

    Thank you


  270. Liam says:

    I don’t know about long term as I have only been trialling this for a week but so far I am impressed with the results I have obtained. Having started using this on Friday last I have made a profit every day to date. The ideals behind it all certainly seem to stack up. My own betting has combined a mixture of football in the UK, Spain, and some other countries, as well as using this for horse racing, and overall I am nicely in profit. I read about using the Cymatic trading software (thanks support) and it does work seamlessly with this also. A fancy piece of kit considering there is no cost involved. The videos support sent me were also invaluable and definitely interesting to see how the experts use this. I am really enjoying myself so far, and it is pleasantly surprising to see something working for once.

  271. Jason says:

    Hi again,

    Please ignore my above message as link has been received and downloaded. Many thanks.

    I have had a read through and am impressed at how people have not thought about this before as is so simple when looking at the stats of (Method details removed by admin). Going to let it sink in a bit and paper trade it first (Method details removed by admin)


  272. Maddocks says:

    Great start this afternoon 2 wins from 3 races. I hope the rest of the day is just as good, but I do know the manual tells us to stop when we have won. Decisions, decisions 🙂

  273. Chatterbox Jim says:


    Having spent the best part of 6 months looking at so called betfair systems I have to say this one is the only one that has merit as far as being total logical. I have only tested the results so far over 2 days but from what I have seen so far this is excellent. I did sent a couple of emails to the people who run the website and they also responded with fantastic answers to my questions which was also satisfactory as far as support is concerned. I was also given additional helpful tips on how to further make profits with this system and you don’t get that kind of service much these days online. I am very pleased with my investment so far and will continue to learn and apply the suggestions I have read and been sent by email.


  274. John McNally says:

    Three months trading and still learning. I have never gambled on horses before but I have used systems on the stock exchange, foreign currency and commodity markets. This is definitely the best system I have ever bought, however I have made many mistakes while using it. The problem as a newbie to horse racing is ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’.

    Here are 7 mistakes to avoid:

    1) Don’t bet big. The wins come easily with this system, but if you get carried away you will not have enough left in your betting bank to absorb a long losing run.

    2) Same as 1! Bet as small as possible while learning. Big bets might not get matched during a long losing run and this could cause problems to your betting bank.

    3) Don’t use Betdaq betting exchange. They are very easy to bet with however there is less liquidity than Betfair, and the free software you will need for placing your stake ‘in play’ only works with Betfair.

    4) Don’t bet while drunk! This system is so easy you can get over confident and make mistakes. Making money is a serious business, you need to treat it as such.

    5) Don’t rely on hunches. I have increased my bet when I was more certain of winning. Don’t do this, it’s not part of the system. Stick to the staking plan.

    6) Don’t count your chickens! The wins come easily and frequently however you cannot use this system exponentially. The author limits himself to 2 wins of £25 each every day. There are reasons for this. Stick to the rules and do as the author does.

    It’s not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme but a serious method for making money. Personally I don’t think I will reach £25 stakes until next year because I started with a relatively small betting bank. There is plenty of time to make money, be sure you know the system inside out first.

    7) Don’t vary the odds. Stick to the system rules. The odds are a vital part of risk management.

    I should say that this method of trading is great fun and very enjoyable. The principle can be used on any sport so I would follow your own passion, football or snooker maybe?

    I don’t know anything about horse racing and have no interest in it, however I have free time between 2pm and 5pm each day. I love learning new things and this has transformed my afternoons. Thanks to everyone at Dropshop for helping me with this.


    • Hello John,

      That was an excellent post, and we are sure it will be helpful to many our our members.

      It is great to see that as a long term user of the method that you are still enjoying it, and making it work. We have placed in bold some of the important points you have made, which we hope you don’t mind.



  275. Lewis says:

    If Peter decides to add extra filters/improvements the system at some point,will existing purchasers get them automatically?

    • Hello Lewis,

      Filters are very much a personal thing, with testing, etc. Although we have already improved the method, and show members via video training how we use this method ourselves. Also, on the same page we direct members to there is help from other members too, on how they have found edges to increase their profits even further.



  276. John McNally says:

    30 bets in a row and all winners! These wins are called ‘sets’, which means that any losses are recouped. Betting bank going up nicely. Great system and great fun too.


    (Comment from Admin. I must add a comment that John will not mean every single bet has won, as that will never happen, but that each ‘set’ of bets have won, thereby making his profit for the day)

  277. Lewis says:

    Hi Admin,

    Thanks for your reply. As an existing purchaser,where can I access training videos and help from other members please?

    Thank you.


    (Edit by Admin – videos sent to your email address)

  278. Peter says:

    Hi everyone
    Can the system be used on any betting exchange or just betfair?

    Thanks Peter

    (Admin addition – This is to be used on Betfair, although other exchanges with enough liquidity can be used, but there needs to be enough liquidity -money- entering the market, which Betfair definitely has)

  279. Cani says:

    i won with this on my first 2 races yesterday then stopped. I must say it is so tempting to carry on but i will do as the manual says 🙂

    • Cani says:

      profit made on the second race today first one lost so made all the profit for the day on the second.

      happy days!!!

  280. Grant says:

    I’d like to add my support for this system (and this site too). I have only been using this system for a week now but have already seen profits everyday with this system.

    If you are in any doubt about getting this then I would say don’t be.

    I’d say you don’t need a big bank to get started. I started with a small bank of £50 and betting very small bets but have now more than doubled that.

    To reiterate what others have said I would say don’t bet too big. When you get wins it can be very tempting to bet higher amounts or to aim for more than 2 wins a day.

    Today, I have just had 3 wins. The first win came after 3 losses, the second win came after 2 losses. The last win came after 5 losses. Still in profit though thanks to the spreadsheet. The 5 losses really had me wondering but I went with it and the system proved itself. Again, another reason for not being greedy and making sure that you don’t over-bet to begin with – that way your bank will cope and you won’t feel too uncomfortable.

    Stick to the rules of the system, don’t be greedy and only bet small if necessary. As the book says the money will always be there just build up over a longer period. Overall a fun and excellent way of making money.

  281. Jono says:

    Just bought this system! I think it is definitely workable system and it made profits for me in the first week but I know I will see how it goes on for another weeks.

    Admin, Please stop selling this gem system! It’s quite unique system than anywhere else!

    Will come back here to see how I get on with it…


  282. sheila says:

    hi i have really injoyed reading all the comments. Can anyone help me as i can,t make up my mind whether to start with this system or profit maximiser.
    Regards sheila

    • UKD Admin says:

      Hello Sheila,

      Both have provided profits for many members, I would suggest reading both the pages and seeing what you think. Profit Maximiser is also a great product.



  283. Michael Prentice says:

    I am very interested in this, and I have a fair bit of experience, can I set the bets up and then leave them to run, or do I have to be at the computer to make this work?

    • UKD Admin says:

      Hello Michael,

      We cannot give the process away for obvious reasons, but there are opportunities for this to work without being at the PC all day, but most of the opportunities will be live, during the event.

      You can also do this any day of the week, weekends and evenings if you wish.



  284. addi says:

    It mentioned tools on the page, do I need microsoft excel for this?


    • UKD Admin says:

      Hello Addi,

      You do not need any expensive software to make this work, or to use the calculator tools. There are many free spreadsheet readers, and there is also an online spreadsheet version given to you in the notes, that you just upload the calculator too, and it then runs online.



  285. Resbi says:

    so far so good this is working well for us and results have been positive and paid for the price of manuals on first day.

  286. Paul says:

    first race first win let’s hope it continues 🙂

  287. Ryan Davies says:

    I’m an existing customer and I have been testing this system on paper for about a week trying to make a few pounds each time and I have now completed around 12 sets of bets 9as per the manual instructions) without any problems, so I am about £60+ up so far on paper testing. I am looking at taking it real and live over the weekend, and hoping it goes as well for real. Ryan Davies.

    • Ryan Davies says:

      Please to report everything is still going very well with this. No real change from the testing I did. I did start a little smaller than my testing so this week I am about £40 up just trying for small profits each time to complete the set of bets. I will increase this from next week. Ryan Davies

  288. josh pu says:

    will this work with the scooper product you offer?

    • UKD Admin says:

      Hi Josh,

      Yes, the Bonus Scooper we offer will allow you to make around £1,000+ to use with this system, that way you will be starting without using your own money. Many of our customers do this, so they are in profit before they even start.



  289. goran says:

    Hello, can you use this system in Croatia? thank you

  290. Trader Novice says:

    I read in the manual on one of the pages about time form, does it show the (edit by admin, as system information as given, which would not be fair to other users). All going fairly well so far and I have already made some money I just want to check that what I read about time form is right.

    • UKD Admin says:


      Yes, Betfair’s TimeForm shows all the information you need to help you. It is a great resource.



  291. Andy says:

    Hello , is this system still available ? After payment , do you get an instant download via a pdf document ?
    Many thanks,Andy.

  292. Nick says:

    Hi ,

    (edited by admin to remove system details – we have emailed you the response to your questions, and link to videos)

    Do you have a link for any further videos on using this system ?

    Thank you for your help.



  293. Stephen Jones says:

    Thanks, all download and I like what I have read so far. I will email you any questions I have.

    I did a quick back check of previous results last night and looks valid with a good amount of winning bets.

    I think I will test for a few days then start to bet live. I already have a Betfair account.

    Thank you.

  294. Lanky2015 says:

    Good read, and I am looking at starting it today

    Thank you

  295. Cal says:


    2 wins and 1 loss today so I made my two profits that it states which was good. Having used Betfair I am now looking to see if the software option is easier. Only time will tell I suppose, which I have a lot off now as I got made redundant 3 weeks ago!!


  296. KMason says:

    I am very much interested in this,, whats the tax issue on winnings?

    • UKD Admin says:

      Hello Mr Mason,

      There are no tax implications on winnings. Anything you win is tax free, and you also do not need to declare it.

      I hope this helps,



  297. P says:

    All good. In profit already

  298. MM Richards says:


    I bought this system after reading all the positive reviews.

    I must say I am impressed so far, and after dabbling on betfair for a few days it does work. I made £40 so far with tiny bets so building up nicely I must say.

    Thank you

  299. Pat Stone says:


    This afternoon as the first time I have had the time to try this system and guess what ?? it made a £40 profit. I wasn’t sure if I had followed everything but decided to try it anyway and it came up trumps so off to tomorrow to carry on. Great so far.


  300. George says:

    I have been searching the web for a legitimate way to make money and FINALLY, a system that actually works. £65 in profit already after 2 days of trading with small bets. I’m so ecstatic right now. Thank you Admin for sharing this. Cheers!!!

    • UKD Admin says:

      Hi George,

      Thanks for your comments, and George lives in South Africa, which shows that anywhere you can use Betfair, this system can be used to good benefit.

      I have also responded to your email George, regarding overseas opportunities.



  301. Condor3148 says:

    Paper traded for a week with winners in the first race in 60% of trades and 75% success on the second. Started live today and got the shivers with three losses but recovered all and profitted in the fourth. Shows it works. Just got to keep the faith.

  302. Kyle says:

    Looking forward to the racing today folks 🙂 🙂

    I am on going for smaller profits but a profit nonetheless. Every day this week a profit has been made so far using 2 x sets as taught in the book!

    Admin can you please tell Stuart thanks for all the help on Wednesday, top lad he is.


  303. Wayne Ball says:

    Hello forum, I just wanted to write as I was hesitant on buying this and others may be the same but after easing my self in and reading everything I am now making about £10-£20 a day not loads but I am still learning and hoping to increase this over the coming weeks as my confidence grows.

    I would also like to thank to support team you have here, your responses to my email questions have been first rate and definitely helped.

    A credit to yourselves and Happy New Year to you all.


  304. John says:

    Now that I have more time (and less money!) on my hands I am seriously considering this system as a pension supplement. But it has been around for several years and obviously has many users. Is there a saturation point? And am I correct that Betfair, unlike bookies, don’t care about consistent winners? Thank you

    • UKD Admin says:

      Hello John,

      There is no saturation point, and yes, it is on Betfair only who are not mindful of who wins, or loses.

      I hope this helps,



  305. Peter K. says:

    Hi,in my country Betfair is blocked.Any trying it with other exchange like Smarkets or bookies like bet365 etc?Thank you.

  306. Ahmed says:


    I have been following this thread for a few months now, and finally took the plunge. Over the weekend I paper traded using betfair and betangel, and made paper profits of £125 once the betfair commission had been taken away. It definitely has something different, and I also shown it to a mate of mine over the weekend to see what he thinks as he trades all the time on betfair *it was his betangel account i used* anyway my mate says the idea behind it is sound and is looking at doing it too.

    Many thanks for the comments do far, looking good


  307. Jenks says:

    Read it and looks good. Easy read, and read it ina bout 10 minutes. I just need to open my betfair account and get started. Should be fun….and profitable 🙂

  308. J says:

    Yesterday I got 3 winners in 4 races!

    Very happy

  309. Addy80's says:


    I have just downloaded this method and it does read well and the idea does also sound convincing. I’ll be testing it over the weekend.


  310. Marcus H says:

    It’s good so far I agree with what the others say. Stick to the rules and it does work well. I did have an idea about changing a few things but as it was already working for me I thought best not to risk changing anything 😉 My wife knows I am doing it too so she would go mental if I didn’t stick to what was written down, Marcus

  311. Carl says:

    Thank you for the opportunity. I have now read the detail of the manuals, and it makes good sense. I cannot use the tool yet as I need to update my computer, but I cannot wait to start this and make some money. I need it believe me.

  312. C Mason says:

    All these comments have helped me a lot since I started with this. I am slowly building my betting bank with it, and going slowly, which is very nice and with no pressure. I have really enjoyed the learning process and i really want to make this work and s far so good. I am learning and making profits as I go. Not large profits but I wanted to go really slow and get to grips with everything so I didn’t make any silly mistakes. All working good so far. I am in profit even after paying fr the system so all good now. I was also totally new to this so don’t be scared of trying it if you are new. I knew nothing about this type of thing but you do pick it up quick if you take time.

  313. Raymond McKay says:

    I have been trading Betfair since 2008,and even I use this,Its a great tactical approach,But I will only use it in meetings that are weak for favs,you would be surprised how this reduces losses,Everything else I do is exactly the same as the manual,But found tracks that Favs struggle to win at brings in a lot more winning trades,and to find them meetings on Racing Post,It works for me and I use it and enjoy it Monday-Saturday and it tops up my other trading activities,Great Product

  314. Heating man says:

    I have ordered this and will be using it today. After some great comments, I am expecting good things. I have the grasp of it now, after reading through it all a few times this morning, and confident it will produce.

    Cheers guys

  315. Donald Camp says:


    I don’t know if I am just getting beginners luck but this method has worked for me for the last 3 days. I think I am following it as instructed but as this is my first time I am not sure, but I am still in a very nice profit on the first 3 days.

    I don’t have a massive starting bank, but I am still up by 21% which has been added to my Betfair balance.

    If I can get 21% every week I will be extremely happy.

    Thank you to everyone involved in this.


  316. Ric says:

    Hi all first time posting on here. I don’t do horse racing I am a football man, and after following the rules for the (removed by moderator, details for customers only) on the football I am doing very well on UK and overseas leagues. In fact I have doubled my Betfair amount in 3 weeks just doing it weekends when all the football is on. I started with just under £300 and am just a little over £610 now, so this defo works on the footy. Thank you for all the help with the download, I just couldn’t find it at first, but was in downloads (dur!) and I didn’t realise because usually when I download from the net it goes to my desktop. Great product from these guys.

  317. T Peters says:

    I made decent profits yesterday which was my first day of trading on betfair, I hope this weekend is just as good. I will be starting the weekend trading in just over an hour. So far so good though, and I made my money back yesterday on the cost of the manual, so I should already be well into profit today

    Mr Peters

  318. P Richardson says:

    thanks for the email yesterday it helped me a lot and I could now see where I was going wrong, obvious really now looking back. 2 wins out of 3 races yesterday and very happy with it now.

  319. Sean Trantum says:

    forget last post very much in profit now at £5 stakes slowly building up my confidence this definitely works guys the logic behind it just hits you straight between the eyes it is so obvious when applied correctly using pete,s method and not straying away from it thanks guys

  320. MadCelt says:

    Hi, I’ve just stumbled across this page after looking around for ideas for making some modest money in my spare time. Having read all the comments (since 2013 – found this page at 1300 and its now 0016!)I am keen to find out more, can you point me in the right direction with regard to further info and details of cost etc etc?

    Kind regards

    • UKD Admin says:


      Yes there has certainly been a lot of interest and comments in this product since we did the first review a few years ago now, and it is still working as well as ever, with testimonial letters still arriving daily from customers.

      More details can be seen here:

      Betfair Product



      • MadCelt says:

        or I can clearly use the link you provided – my apologies, i obviously need to catch up on my sleep after weeks of searching for some way to pay the bills!!

  321. simon says:

    Hi Thanks for the email, and update. That video really helped and all good now. I started with just a £100 bank as I didn’t have much, but already that has increased to just under £230.
    top lads.

  322. Mark Beckenham says:

    Good Morning to you.

    I have been looking at Peter’s site re the £50 a day system, and I have just read through 55 pages of comments from those that have either purchased the system, or are in the process of purchasing.
    I have to say, that I have never seen such a positive response to a trading product or service. I can also see many positive reviews on other review sites.

    Everyone seems to picking it up pretty quickly and making profits with it soon after. It is also good to know it can be applied in the evening and at weekends as I work full time, but might be able to make a small amount of time in the day available. Now without giving much away, is this a case of backing and laying on Betfair to take advantage of the difference in price? I have some experience in doing this on the horses and have made a small profit, but is not easy and took a lot of time researching, training and paper trading etc. I have no problem with a bit of learning and research etc but trading on horses to take advantage of the price movements is very difficult. Also with regards to horse racing and football, does this work on non UK football matches and horses?

    Thanks for taking the time to read my comments, I look forward to hearing from you.

    • UKD Admin says:

      Hello Lewis,

      This product is nothing to do with matched betting, which is what you are describing.

      There are single trades made on each selection.



  323. Mandy says:

    Hi I just wanted to say that I am pleased with the results so far. I started small and with small amounts and the results are going very well.


  324. S Fox says:

    Hey I could not not download it at first, but that was my fault, as my computer was playing up. 2 weeks in and doing well now. Probably about £300 up or thereabouts as not always got the time.

    Thanks though and thanks for the support on how to fix my pc and do the download. I can be a real numpty sometimes hehe

    S Fox

  325. Tankerman says:

    Banging start on this, 3 days and have made 2 x £10 on all 3 days. Didn’t go for the full amounts as I am being cautious so far but not a bad little system you have got yourselves here.

    I tried to do a bit of affiliate marketing last year and it all turned to sh**e so have been dabbling with a few other things and this is the only thing that has brought some money in so far. Thanks

  326. Windrider says:

    I am not sure if I am doing everything right, but I actually did 5 bets yesterday and won 3 of them so a fab day. I am looking at the software betangel now to see if it will help instead of using betfair site. I advise everyone to watch all the videos if you buy this, they are a great help to newbies like me.

    Be lucky everyone.

  327. M Mulligan says:

    Great results so far. Very intelligent information. I already had a Betfair account, which the reason I started with a larger betting bank. I made the money I paid for this information inside my first 2 bets today. I will also be trying the bonus method in the football this weekend.

  328. PJ says:

    this is my first gambling type product and after a few email exchanges with the support it is going really well. i paper traded it for 7 days and each day was good and now live on day 2 and 2 days of profits small profits as i am starting small but over the moon so far.

  329. C Pearson says:

    I ordered this some weeks ago now, but I never got around to using it until this week. I have to say that both the methods presented have produced a profit, but I do focus on the first racing one at the moment, and extremely happy with the results so far.

    Good profits so far.


  330. Tommy Malone says:


    Just downloaded the files, and all looks good to go. Simple methods that is how it should be. Yet to test obviously but all good so far.

    Cheers guys.

  331. Vanman says:

    Hiya. I tried this for the last few days and things are looking ok so far. I only tried real money on 2 days and made money both days this was on the horses and 2 on the football that won also, so admin I am going to email you as I want to know a a few things about overseas betting and if it can work on that. thanks.

  332. Wanderer says:

    I was skeptic at first but then I decided to give it a try and I must say, it’s worth the money. It has to be because I have already made my investment back.

    Not tried any other sports, only racing.

  333. malcolm says:

    I wont say I am surprised as the reviews and feedback is very good, but this really does work. I bought it from you, but didn’t jump in, I read everything and watch the recommended videos until I understood it fully.

    I started today, and made £25. Not a kings reward, but I was not going for more. It worked as it was described in the book. I stopped after making the 25, but cannot wait to start again tomorrow.

    Thank you and best wishes


  334. Penningson House says:

    The purchase was made a week last Thursday but due to work commitments I did not have time to try this out until yesterday. I made a winning bet after 2 races which was great of course. I will be doing some on paper this week to see if I have fully understood everything before doing further bets but a great start nonetheless yesterday. Everything does seem in order, and communication by email is very quick, too!

  335. Frankly says:

    Very good info, I’ll try it. Used a few systems myself in the past but not this one, and definitely has some merit. The bonus method is not something i have thought of before and can definitely see that making money. Well done to Peter for sharing it. A lot of people will benefit from this one. Peter is right too, most people bet in the wrong outcomes, and he has his tactics spot on. Bargain info, excited for the next few days to try it out.

  336. Nat says:

    Looks very promising. I have seen a lot of methods, but not this one before. I will be trying it out today, but all looks very feasible to me. Very well explained, and straight to the point. Thank you.

  337. Bennie says:

    I bought this a while back but through pressing duties elsewhere
    I have had to delay starting until now.I have had a Betfair account
    for years, but only for Racing. I have no interest or knowledge of any other sport.
    So for me this is PERFECT, & whats more, it Works. I finally got going three days ago & its been profit all the way.Huge ‘thank you’
    Admin for promoting this gem.I can see years of fun & profit ahead
    with this
    Thanks a million (well maybe not quite!)

  338. J Peterson says:

    I made a profit yesterday after being very tentative in starting lol. Cheers

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