Race Inspector Review Software

Race Inspector is a piece of software that has been created to allow users to find opportunities to place specific types of bets through Betfair’s betting exchange.

What is the product?

Race Inspector is a piece of software that in some respects is unlike anything that I have seen before. The core idea behind Race Inspector isn’t entirely dissimilar to dobbing, a method of betting that went through a popular phase recently which involved backing and laying the same horse on the exchange with a view to profiting based off price movements. What Race Inspector does is provides users with a specialist rating that they refer to as COGMIR or “Chance of Getting Matched in Running”. This COGMIR score is based around specific criterion that ultimately will identify which horses you should be looking at backing and laying in play (with the intent of the lay bets dropping in value).

Because Race Inspector does involve lay betting you will require an account with a betting exchange and all references to Race Inspector are for Betfair. This is likely due to the fact that it is the biggest example and so there is the most liquidity in the markets. As well as the software to help you identify the best opportunities, Race Inspector also comes with a specialist staking plan for the betting method.

This combined with the methodology allegedly allows Race Inspector to operate with minimal risk, all whilst maximising profits. In terms of proofing etc. there isn’t really any information given however due to the nature of Race Inspector this makes some sense.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

Because it is a piece of software, Race Inspector is sold on a license basis. This means that depending on which you purchase depends on how long you can use it for. The options are a 30 day license for £11.99, a 60 day license for £19.99, a 90 day license for £27.99 and finally there is an option for a lifetime license £79.

All transactions are handled through Paypal with no money back guarantee appearing to be in place. There is however a free 3 day trial.  In terms of the income potential, Race Inspector is sold on the back of making 25-35% of your bet in each race however it is worth keeping in mind that there is no real evidence of this.

Does the product provide value for money?

The principles behind Race Inspector are pretty sound and the price is low however I don’t believe there is enough evidence that it works to say that it is value for money.


In many respects Race Inspector is nothing new with the core premise being something that has been done several times with varying results (although mostly leaning towards the negative in my experience). Where Race Inspector is different is in the software which seems to be a unique spin on things. The question that stands is whether or not it will actually work, particularly in the long term.

The problem with Race Inspector is mostly the lack of evidence in my opinion. That having been said the costs are reasonable and there is a trial period to see if Race Inspector is for you.



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