Profit Band Binaries Review

Created by Kato, Profit Band Binaries is a method of trading binary options that the creator claims were developed based on floor trading techniques.

What is the product?

Profit Band Binaries is a product that the creator Kato says is based upon his experiences working on a stock exchange floor. Profit Band Binaries is said to generate a 76.08% stroke rate although this was only tested for 45 trades so doesn’t necessarily produce a true reflection of the abilities of Profit Band Binaries. There is the usual stuff about how it is ideal for newbies and whatnot but this seems somewhat contradicted by the alleged methodology. Kato says that the techniques were ultimately honed trading on the futures market. Since Profit Band Binaries isn’t a bot and is an actual system I am unsure how these two pieces will come together.

What is the investment vs. the rate of return?

There are two payments for Profit Band Binaries, one of £97 when you sign up and the same amount again 30 days later. Canonbury Publishing also provide a 60 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with the product. In terms of the rate of return, Kato claims that over 12 months you can turn £250 in £14,266. This uses a compound interest staking system so it seems that eventually the stakes may be rather on the high side.

Does the product provide value for money?

Without further evidence of Profit Band Binaries actually working I am forced to conclude that it does not provide value for money.


I find many of Kato’s claims for Profit Band Binaries rather interesting and with some more evidence I would be much keener about the product. As it stands though there seems to be a lot of smoke and no fire with Profit Band Binaries. Given the claims that are made I simply believe that there is much more evidence needed than is supplied.

This really undermines a product that has some possible potential. Those amongst you who are happier to take risks may wish to trial the system on paper with the intent of taking advantage of the money back guarantee should it not work out.



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