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Trader’s Nest Forex Breakthrough Academy Review Canonbury Publishing

Created by Rich Fitton and currently being marketed by Canonbury Publishing, Trader’s Nest Forex Breakthrough Academy is a method of trading on Forex that the creator claims is based on what is happening now.

What is the product?

Trader’s Nest Forex Breakthrough Academy is being sold as a simple to execute trading method that will allow users to make a substantial income from a computer. The question that needs to be addressed is whether or not this is really the case. The service is operated by Rich Fitton, a Forex trader who has released other products before now that have met a mixed reception. In terms of what Trader’s Nest Forex Breakthrough Academy does, it is a rather interesting notion that is based around looking at what markets are doing rather than trying to figure out what they are going to do. Read more

Profit Band Binaries Review

Created by Kato, Profit Band Binaries is a method of trading binary options that the creator claims were developed based on floor trading techniques.

What is the product?

Profit Band Binaries is a product that the creator Kato says is based upon his experiences working on a stock exchange floor. Profit Band Binaries is said to generate a 76.08% stroke rate although this was only tested for 45 trades so doesn’t necessarily produce a true reflection of the abilities of Profit Band Binaries. There is the usual stuff about how it is ideal for newbies and whatnot but this seems somewhat contradicted by the alleged methodology. Kato says that the techniques were ultimately honed trading on the futures market. Since Profit Band Binaries isn’t a bot and is an actual system I am unsure how these two pieces will come together. Read more

Copy, Paste, Profit Review

by Sharon Fussell, Copy, Paste, Profit claims that users can earn a second income using arbitrage selling between Amazon and eBay.

What is the product?

Copy, Paste, Profit comes in the form of a training manual that is supported by “onscreen” video tutorials and access to Sharon Fussell’s support and resource website. Also provided is a free bonus report that according to Sharon Fussell will help you to generate further profits with Copy, Paste, Profit. The system itself uses arbitrage selling which Sharon Fussell claims is entirely different from drop-shipping although she doesn’t explain how it is. To me, the two processes are identical. That aside the system is reliant on selling books although there doesn’t seem to be any reason that a savvy user could apply the same principles to other markets. Read more

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